We'll Call You - The Co-operative Food

Mole has contracted a serious case of Diamond Jubilee fever, and an offer on the grocery chain's site to 'win a Jubilee street party' promised to tackle the symptoms

We'll call you: The Co-operative Food
We'll call you: The Co-operative Food

Mktg Hi, do you know anything about The Co-operative giving away vouchers to host a Diamond Jubilee party?

The Co-operative Right, where have you seen this? Sorry, I haven't heard about it.

Mktg I think I saw it on one of your websites.

Co-op So you are just enquiring about it?

Mktg Yes, I would like to enter so I can host a Jubilee party.

Co-op Oh, there is a competition you can enter? Let me try to have a look for you.

Do you just want the web address?

Mktg No, I was wondering how I can take part.

Co-op Right, I'll have a look for you. I'm just going to go on our main website and see if I can see it anywhere.

Mktg Do you think it is on your Facebook page? Do you have a Facebook page?

Co-op Yeah, we have a page, let me have a look. 'Win £100 for your street party' - is that the one?

Mktg Yeah that sounds like it. Where have you seen that?

Co-op On the site. What area do you live in?

Mktg I live in London.

Co-op That's come up for Plymouth (pause). Oh there we go - do you want to give me the address or I can take your email and forward it for you? It's a form you can fill out. You put your name, postcode, email address, telephone number; and it says on here 'please tell us in 100 words or less why you or your street should win the Jubilee street party pack'. There are terms and conditions underneath and the closing date is 30 April. Do you want me to give you the website over the phone? (Spells out lengthy web address.)

Mktg Thanks, that's quite a long web address. Have you not heard about this before?

Co-op No, no, this is the first I've heard of it to be honest with you. We do have competitions anyway, so if you tell us it is a competition we will find it on the website, that's no problem. The other competitions are under the 'what's hot' tab.

Mktg OK great, I will look it up. Thanks.

Co-op No problem. If you need any further assistance, you can get back to me (gives name).

VERDICT: 6 out of 10

The call was answered immediately. The call-handler did not know anything about the competition, but was quick to track down the information. She was friendly and quickly resolved the matter, even though she had not been properly briefed.