Greggs: re-naming its Cornish pasties
Greggs: re-naming its Cornish pasties

We'll Call You - Greggs

All right-thinking mammals enjoy a pastry; Mole has a particular love of pasties. But now that Greggs can no longer call its pasties Cornish, what else will it change?

Greggs: Good morning, Greggs customer care, how can I help?

Mktg: Hi, I've heard you're not able to call your pasties 'Cornish' any more and I'm quite concerned. Will you still be selling them?

Greggs: Yeah, we just need to change the name.

Mktg: OK. Once you change the name, will you be changing the pasty itself at all?

Greggs: We're not changing anything about them, it's just we'll have to change the name because they're not made in Cornwall. But nothing about the pasty itself is changing.

Mktg: What will happen if I slip up and ask for a 'Cornish pasty'? I would hate to get anyone into trouble.

Greggs: No. I think it's just that the shop display will not be able to take the name 'Cornish pasty' any more, but the people in the shop will know what you mean if you say 'Cornish pasty'.

Mktg: Will they still be referred to as Cornish pasties in your Cornwall stores?

Greggs: No. They're not necessarily made in Cornwall. If we made them there, we could.

Mktg: I see on your Facebook page you're appealing for name ideas. Have you got any insider info as to what it might become?

Greggs: Not right now. I think they're just looking at it from every aspect at the moment; they're just looking for ideas.

Mktg: Have you considered using the free press it has generated as a marketing opportunity for a rebrand of the newly named pasties? Have you perhaps considered a mascot?

Greggs: I suppose that's something for our marketing team to look into.

Mktg: As a loyal customer, I'd be happy to step-up ...

Greggs: What I'll do is take down your details. I'll pass those onto our marketing department and I'll inform you if anything like that does come off.

Mktg: OK, how exciting (gives details). Thank you so much.

Greggs: Thanks for your call. Bye now.


The call-handler was a little slow and repetitive at times, but more than happy to make the situation clear. She also took the time to take our details - Mole is looking forward to a call from the marketing team.

Score: 8/10