We'll Call You - Virgin Media

One of Mole's New Year resolutions is to shop around for a broadband and TV package. We started by asking friends for advice, but heard some horror stories.

Virgin Media
Virgin Media

Virgin Media Thank you for calling Virgin Media sales. How may I help?

Mktg I am thinking of joining for a broadband and TV home package, but some of my friends have problems with the service - their internet is slow or On Demand doesn't work.

VM Let me take your postcode. (Mktg gives postcode.) OK, most of that road is a fibre optic area. That means we could deliver broadband (to) most premises up to 100Mb broadband speed.

Mktg My friend lives in this area and whenever their internet slows down they call customer services and are told it's their computer or router.

VM Maybe the broadband is through the telephone line, but if you are on a fibre optic connection, you are assured you will get the speed you pay for.

Mktg My sister lives in Bournemouth and has very slow internet, and she was told it was over capacity. I don't want to sign up and then every time my internet slows down or On Demand stops be told this is due to over capacity or my router.

VM It depends on the area. If it is a capacity issue, that pertains to the telephone service.

Mktg Would that affect my On Demand?

VM On Demand pertains to the telephone service and depends on location.

Mktg I am looking for reassurance that this won't happen if I sign up as a new customer.

VM A lot of factors may (cause) slow-down ... maybe your activities online or what time you access the internet.

Mktg I watch films and stream music, so want to make sure the internet will work all the time.

VM How many computers are there in your household?

Mktg Three.

VM We suggest the up-to 30Mb broadband (call-handler explains what this means in practice). There is a great difference with broadband delivery (via) other providers such as Sky, which shares connection with the telephone line. Our fibre optic connection solely delivers internet, so you can be assured you will get the promised speed.

Mktg Perhaps the people who told me they are having problems are on the wrong speed?

VM We look at it on a case-by-case basis.

Mktg OK, thanks for your help.

VM Thanks madam. Bye.

Verdict 4/10

The call-hander was polite and friendly, but failed to recognise that the caller was confused about broadband service speeds and wanted some reassurance having heard of existing customers' problems with internet connections and On Demand.