We'll call you: Argos

One of Mole's favourite autumnal pastimes is curling up with a drink and the Argos catalogue to pick an item to buy in-store. Is our ritual about to become obsolete?

Argos Hi, you're through to Argos customer services. Can I take your name please?

Mktg [Gives name.]

Argos Hi, my name's [gives name]. How can I help you?

Mktg I'm calling because I've seen on some news sites that Argos is getting rid of its shops and catalogues.

Argos No, what will happen over the space of five years is that there will be up to 75 stores closed.

Mktg So that's got to be most of them, surely?

Argos No, we have 750.

Mktg Right, but...

Argos [Interrupts] We have 750 over the country.

Mktg But I understand this is for the company to be more digitally focused. Does this mean the Argos catalogue is going?

Argos As I say, this is over five years and that hasn't been confirmed at the moment. I'm everso sorry.

Mktg So it might go and it might not go?

Argos Yes. We've got no more information coming through to us from our head office at this moment in time, I do apologise.

Mktg Sorry, I just want to make sure I've got this clear - you've 750 stores and you're going...

Argos [Interrupts] Yes.

Mktg be shutting 75?

Argos Yes, up to 75 stores, yes.

Mktg So that means potentially my local Argos could close?

Argos Yes. As I say, there are no details as to which stores are going to close or when it's going to start happening.

Mktg And there's no details as to whether I'm going to have to start looking online instead of being able to...

Argos [Interrupts] There's no details, no. I'm sorry.

Mktg What does it mean that the company is going to become more digitally focussed, do you have any answers on that?

Argos What does it what, sorry?

Mktg Well what does it mean for customers that like to sit down with a cup of tea and like to flick through the catalogue?

Argos As I say, we've got no details on that.

Mktg OK, alright, well...

Argos [Interrupts] Sorry about that.

Mktg OK, well...

Argos [Interrupts] Thanks. Bye.


The call-handler, while apologetic and using polite language, behaved quite rudely. She sounded harried and impatient, constantly interrupting us, and was very unhelpful as she had no information. She failed to offer any alternative sources or further help with enquiries.