We'll call you: BT

Mole likes to set easy-to-achieve New Year resolutions: first up was a vow to understand TV packages, now that BT has launched its first TV push for YouView

We'll call you: BT

BT Welcome to BT, the UK's most popular broadband provider. Which products are you calling about today?

Mktg Hi, I'm moving house in a couple of months and I'll be looking for a new TV package. I'm trying to find out the difference between BT Vision and YouView.

BT It's the same television set really, but the YouView box is for customers who don't want the Sky Sports channels. If you want to have Sky Sports, you're better off getting the BT Vision box; that's the only difference between the two boxes.

Mktg Are they both by BT, or is YouView a different company?

BT Well, they are both sold by BT, but YouView is from Sir Alan Sugar. It was his idea and he's put it over to BT, and now we sell it on as a product. It's just BT Vision minus Sky Sports.

Mktg Isn't BT launching sports channels soon as well? Which is best to get for that?

BT Yes, we've got ESPN and Sky Sports, but we are looking into launching a bigger package, and BT Vision is best for that.

Mktg And is YouView a bit cheaper then?

BT Yes, the YouView box is £5 a month for essentials, but if you want that from the BT Vision box it's £12.50, and you have to pay another £15 to get Sky Sports added on.

Mktg But doesn't TalkTalk advertise YouView as well? Does it matter who you buy it with?

BT I'm not too sure about that, to be honest with you. On the actual YouView box you get a BT Vision app, and you definitely wouldn't get that (with another provider). It would be a different app for TalkTalk and for other places.

Mktg Well, thanks for all that information.

BT No worries, thank you, bye.

Verdict: 8/10

The call-handler seemed reasonably well-prepared for questions about YouView and responded in a consumer-friendly manner, although she was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why Mole should buy the product through BT rather than one of YouView's other media partners.