We'll Call You: KFC

The chain has launched 'KFC degrees' in business with De Montfort University in Leicester. Ever keen to broaden our mind, Mole wanted to find out more

We'll Call You: KFC

Mktg: Hello, I'm calling about the new degree courses you are offering. How would I go about finding out more?

KFC: Erm, can you give me more detail? I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Mktg: OK, there was a story in the newspapers last week that KFC was to begin providing degrees and other qualifications. I'm not an employee of KFC, but I might consider it if they are funding degrees. That's why I phoned you, to find out more.

KFC: I don't know anything about this. Are you sure about this? We haven't been briefed on anything like this.

Mktg: Yes, it is a big thing. I'm very surprised you don't know anything about it. Could you perhaps put me through to someone who does know something, please?

KFC: Well, it is not the sort of thing we get asked. Just hold the line a minute and I'll see if I can get hold of my manager. (Mktg is kept on hold for about three minutes before the same call-handler comes back on the line.) OK, I have spoken to my manager, and she said the best thing to do is to phone the general number, which is (gives number), and just outline what you have told me, and they will take it from there.

Mktg: Well, this does surprise me, I thought this was the 'customer careline' and that you would be able to help me. I am very surprised indeed.

KFC: No, this is a complaints line. We deal with complaints. You need to phone the other number for enquiries of this ilk.


The call-handler had no knowledge of this development. She seemed interested only in trying to end the conversation quickly. She also claimed that the number Mole called, clearly labelled a 'customer careline' on KFC's site, deals only with complaints.