We'll Call You: Land Rover

Mole's fashion-loving mate is in the market for a new car, and we think the £80,000 Range Rover Evoque, designed by Victoria Beckham, would suit perfectly.

We'll call you: Land Rover
We'll call you: Land Rover

Mktg Hi there. I am trying to find out more details about the Victoria Beckham-designed Range Rover. Is it on the market at the moment?

Land Rover OK, I have heard about this. I think it is a limited-edition model, but I don't know much more. What else is it that you need to know?

Mktg Does that mean it will not be available in the UK? I and a number of my friends were thinking of clubbing together to buy a friend of ours one. But we're not sure if it's available.

Land Rover I have not had questions about this before. I think the best thing I can do is refer you to one of our local dealers. Where do you live? I can give you your local dealer number.

Mktg I live in North London.

Land Rover Right, well I can give you the number for Park Royal. They should be able to help you. (Land Rover puts Mktg through to the dealer.)

Mktg I'm trying to find out more details about the high-spec Range Rover that Victoria Beckham has designed.

Land Rover OK, I can tell you there will be only 200 of these available globally, and just five in the UK.

Mktg If I am interested in buying one, how would I go about purchasing it?

Land Rover Well, let me take down a few details. Can I take your full name, phone number and address; and you are likely to have put down a deposit. (Mktg gives contact details, but does not pay a deposit.)

Mktg Is it likely that this car will be rolled out as a permanent edition and, if so, will you be supporting it with any marketing? Because I suppose if it is rolled out, it might come down in price over time.

Land Rover I am not sure, let me look into this for you. Is there anything else you would like to know?

Mktg No, I think that is it for the time being. Thanks.

VERDICT: 8 out of 10

Both call-handlers were up to speed on the limited-edition car, but to different extents. They came across as well-informed, and the first was able to pass me on to a colleague who had more details when she was unable to answer questions.