We'll Call You: Marks & Spencer

The retailer's Valentine's Day £20 dine in for two deal gave Mole a chance to be romantic without expending great effort or thought, but disaster struck on the day ...

Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Good afternoon, you're through to Marks & Spencer.

Mktg Hi, I've been struggling to get hold of the food advertised in your Valentine's Day deal. I've been to a couple of stores, but it all seems to be sold out.

M&S When were you in-store?

Mktg I went into the Hammersmith store today, hoping to get the steak and chips, but there is none left, or any desserts. I also got my girlfriend to go to the Oxford Street store and it was all sold out. Has there been a problem with deliveries?

M&S There may be something (happening) in the London area, but I'm sure I would have been told.

Mktg One of the workers in the store mentioned something to do with a buying problem, is that the case?

M&S I can contact the store and find out. On heavy days like this we often have a couple of deliveries in a day, so I would expect stock to be available, but demand has been pretty heavy.

Mktg I've left it until today because I wanted it to be fresh.

M&S We do get stuff in every day, to make sure it is fresh. I'm happy to contact the store.

Mktg It is getting quite late now. Does the deal end today?

M&S It does, yes.

Mktg What are the other store options around here?

M&S (Lists local stores.)

Mktg I don't suppose there is any way you can tell me if any of those stores have stock in?

M&S What I can tell is how much they got in, but not what is left on-shelf. I'm happy to ring them.

Mktg No, could you give me the number to ring them?

M&S (Reads phone numbers.)

Mktg Thanks very much for helping with that.

VERDICT: 5 out of 10

The call-handler was polite throughout, but it was frustrating that he was unable to provide information on which stores still had stock on shelves. A glance at Twitter showed that many consumers were similarly annoyed about this issue, so it was poor customer service for the call-handler to be unaware of the problem.