We'll Call You: Microsoft

The launch of the manufacturer's Surface tablet left Mole unable to decide whether we should splash out on an Apple iPad or wait for Microsoft's latest offering.

We'll Call You: Microsoft

Microsoft Hello, Microsoft customer service, how can I help?

Mktg I read in the news you have a tablet coming out and I want to know more about it. When will it be in the shops?

Microsoft I'll give you more information about it, but before I do that, let me get some information about you. Can I have your phone number please?

Mktg I don't want to give you my information, I just want to know more about the product.

Microsoft I'll give you the website address where you can get information about the Surface.

Mktg I don't have the internet, I prefer to use the phone.

Microsoft All right, just give me a moment. What kind of information are you looking for?

Mktg I want to know when I might be able to buy it?

Microsoft OK. Can I place the call on hold for one minute?

Mktg OK [put on hold for two minutes].

Microsoft Hello, sorry for the long delay. A date has not been released, but if you want any information about the tablet, you can log on to a website.

Mktg I'm thinking of buying an Apple iPad - I want to know what is better about Surface?

Microsoft It will come with Windows 8. The date hasn't been decided, it's coming soon. I'll give you some information. Do you have an email address?

Mktg I don't have an internet connection at home.

Microsoft You have to log on to the site to get updates.

Mktg But I don't have the internet. I was thinking of getting an iPad, so I want you to tell me what is better about Surface.

Microsoft Do you want information about the size, screen or camera, memory disk?

Mktg Just a bit about it really.

Microsoft I am looking for information [puts Mktg on hold for two minutes]. No, I'm not able to find any other information, because the date has not been released.

Mktg So only people who have the internet can find out about the tablet.

Microsoft Yes, I can locate the right website for you.

Mktg As I explained, I don't have the internet so I'm just going to buy an iPad then. You don't have any information for me?

Microsoft That's right, we have not received much information about this product.

Mktg All right, thanks.

Microsoft Thank you, have a great day.



2 out of 10

Microsoft should have given information to the call-handler about the product, since it was a high-profile launch. He was unable to answer or grasp the point of Mole's questions.