Purch: the new name for Techmedia
Purch: the new name for Techmedia
A view from Antoine Boulin

What's in a name? Why Techmedia is now Purch

Antoine Boulin, president, media at Purch, explains the reasoning behind the group's recent rebranding.

Find me an example of a successful rebrand and I’ll find you one that has failed. In the UK, UKTV G2’s decision to change its name to Dave was a perfect bit of rebranding. Royal Mail’s to Consignia not so.

Make no mistake about it, rebrands are hard to get right but if you crack it, then the rewards are bountiful. Just ask Accenture if they wish they had stuck with the name Andersen Consulting. I doubt it.

At Techmedia we have decided to rebrand as Purch – a name that we believe not only perfectly encapsulates our offering, but will also resonate with consumers.

Our website brands such as Top Ten Reviews, Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware and Live Science effectively straddle two camps – content provider and e-commerce platform. So the name Purch seems apt to visitors to our sites – it helps with their purchase decisions.

Likewise, Purch embodies our goal of helping marketers directly engage with buyers in the right place.

The rebrand also coincides with our UK launch, where we are recognised as number one in the tech vertical, according to the latest Comscore figures.

The UK is awash with great content sites and great commerce sites, but UK users are no different to US users in that they are time pressed. The Holy Grail for consumers is finding relevant content and commerce experiences in one place, not flitting from website to website.

At Purch we are taking this one step further. We are creating content that enables marketers to engage with in-market shoppers in the right place, at the right time, and combines purchase recommendations and commerce opportunities into one user experience.  

We know we’re onto a winner and what’s more others will follow suit. And if the name Purch doesn’t grab consumers straight away, we won’t be rebranding as Consignia. We’re in it for the long haul.

Antoine Boulin is president of media at Purch