Why We're Loving ... Dave Price and Neil Lancaster

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Dave Price and Neil Lancaster creative directors, McCann Manchester

WHY - Price and Lancaster's "gin" spot for Aldi was recently named the most-liked ad of 2011, according to Nielsen research.

HOW - Price says: "We wrote the script at a local garden centre tea room while watching old ladies drink Earl Grey. We then filmed four ladies in Carperby, North Yorkshire. Jean Jones won the day with a one-take delivery that was drier than a very dry Gilbey's."


The reason I got into advertising was ...

DP: At college, I thought I'd be an illustrator until I saw a poster for Araldite. A Ford Cortina was stuck to a 48-sheet; under the car, it read: "It also sticks handles to teapots." My drawing seemed a bit crap after that. NL: I saw an ad where a man was glued to a poster with Solvite wallpaper adhesive and hung under a helicopter. Which is a bit spooky now I've just seen Dave's answer.

My best career bits so far are ...

DP: Sitting in a tea room in Macclesfield with Neil Lancaster trying to make each other laugh writing Aldi scripts. NL: We did posters for a condom that helped the guy go on and on. The line was: "Roger More." Roger Moore, the actor, sent us a cease-and-desist letter.

The biggest influence on my career has been ...

DP: My wife and our two kids. They're my toughest critics and my greatest champions. NL: Jim Best. Proofreader (self-described poofreader), raconteur, wit, giver of books.

My favourite ad is ...

DP: Skittles "singing rabbit". NL: The Guardian "points of view", or Lego "kipper", or ...

You probably don't know this but ...

DP: I'm quite good at dry stone walling. NL: I live in Morrissey's old flat (c1988-1991). If fans call, I charge them to touch an old pair of 501s that could have been his but aren't.


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