The Work: New campaigns - The world

Project: Pommies
Clients: Andy Gibson, marketing director; John Green, group marketing
manager dark spirits; Ben Farlow, marketing manager, Bundaberg Rum,
Diageo Australia
Brief: Position Bundaberg Rum as part of the fabric of Australian life
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Sydney
Writer: Stephen Coll
Art director: Mark Collis
Planner: Justin Graham
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Katie Rigg-Smith
Production company: Therapy Films London
Director: Guy Manwaring
Editor: Mark Edinoff, The Quarry
Post-production: The Quarry, The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Nylon Studios, Sydney
Exposure: TV, cinema, viral, online


Australia's national sport of Pommie-bashing gets some tongue-in-cheek encouragement in new advertising aimed at stirring the patriotic feelings Down Under that surround Bundaberg Rum.

The Royal Family, overcooked barbecue food, grim back-to-back housing and terrible weather all come in for a light-hearted caning in the new TV spot that presents the Diageo brand as: "Our rum, since 1888."

Bundaberg Rum - known as Bundy - is only sold in Australia and mostly in rural areas.

Dozens of English actors allowed themselves to be ritually humiliated for the 60-second film, which culminates in hundreds of people converging on Heathrow to escape their "misery".

The Leo Burnett agency in Sydney created the commercial, which aims to exploit what it calls the brand's down-to-earth nature and position it as part of the fabric of Australian life.

Project: Play
Client: Christy Soh, product manager, SSL Healthcare Singapore
Brief: Reposition Durex as an enhancement to sexual pleasure rather than
just something to be used for safe sex
Creative agency: Ogilvy RedCard
Writer: Jo Collings
Art directors: Paul Anderson, Elyn Wong
Planner: Dominic Tan
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Photographer: UFO Malaysia
Retouching: UFO Malaysia, Procolor
Exposure: National magazines, postcards


Durex is introducing a range of products into Singapore with a cheeky print campaign to underscore its message that condoms are not just about safe sex, but also an aid to having fun.

The ads - entitled wheelbarrow, seesaw and scissors - feature balloon-like figures made out of condoms demonstrating various sexual positions.

Robert Doswell, the managing director of Ogilvy RedCard Singapore, which produced the campaign, said: "Durex is brave enough to promote safe sex but in a fun, responsible way, and this campaign aims to directly touch on these elements to engage with young hearts and minds everywhere."

Paul Anderson, the agency's creative director, added: "The ads are supposed to get people talking and thinking."

Project: Mom, baby pictures, auditorium
Client: Christi Lambert, marketing director, Reckitt Benckiser
Brief: Promote the benefits of having a clear skin
Creative agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide, New York
Writer: Jason Kreher
Art director: Dave Arnold
Planner: Michael Fanuele
Media agency: n/a
Production company: OPC, Toronto
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Editor: Scott Gibney, Outside Editorial, New York
Post-production: Berwyn Editorial, New York
Audio Post-production: Berwyn Editorial, New York
Exposure: National TV


Clearasil, the brand synonymous with fighting teenage acne, is promoting the confidence that comes from a clear skin with commercials showing users provoking, but enjoying, potentially mortifying moments.

Euro RSCG Worldwide in New York created the three TV spots. In one, a boy flirts shamelessly with his friend's mother. In another, a girl embarrasses her mother as her boyfriend looks at her baby pictures - including a shot of her in the bath.

In the third, a student tries to put a tongue-tied lecturer at ease by suggesting he might like to picture him in the nude. "You too," he tells the embarrassed female classmate sitting next to him. All the ads carry the spoof warning that Clearasil "may cause confidence".

Project: PX Mart brand campaign
Client: Tsai Jian Ho, general manager, PX Mart
Brief: Let consumers know they can shop cheaply at PX Mart without
sacrificing quality
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan
Writer: Giant Kung
Art director: n/s
Planner: Geoffrey Ogay
Media agency: Caplock
Media planner: Jasmine Liao
Production company: Blue Moon
Director: Lo Jin Zen
Post-production: Digital Vision
Exposure: National TV, online


The Taiwanese retailer PX Mart has turned to TV to quash online speculation that its products must be substandard because its prices are low.

The tongue-in-cheek riposte comprises a teaser spot and three commercials. One features a spoof product demonstration to prove that PX Mart rice cookies are just as crunchy as those sold elsewhere.

The campaign has been timed to coincide with the Ghost Festival in Taiwan, when people buy gifts for the ghosts who are believed to be allowed to cross back briefly to the living world.

The TV campaign will be followed by an internet promotion that will invite people to debate the rumours.