The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Sports skills are life skills
Clients: Jen Schaeffers, director, marketing and communications, Sport
BC; Bart Given, director, marketing and communications, KidSports BC
Brief: People know childhood sports are fun, but they don't realise the
skill-set it provides and the impact it has on a child's development.
Show them what life might be like for adults who didn't play sports when
they were growing up
Creative agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver
Writer: Neil Shapiro
Art director: Chris Moore
Planner: Rob Newell
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Industry Films
Director: Adam Goldstein
Editor: Daniel Pruger
Post-production: JMB Post
Audio Post-production: KOKO Productions
Exposure: TV in British Columbia


DDB Vancouver is encouraging parents to ensure their children get into sports with a new PSA campaign for the sports funding programme KidSports.

In an attempt to show that "sports skills are life skills", the ads feature a number of embarrassing scenarios in which adults who failed to play sports in their youth are humiliated thanks to their lack of sporting skill.

One ad, entitled "life preserver", sees a man getting cramp while doing laps in a swimming pool. He calls on his friend to help but unfortunately his saviour clearly hasn't learnt how to throw and only manages to launch the life ring a few feet into the water.

Meanwhile, in "dunk slam", two businessmen are seen leaving a meeting. In an attempt to congratulate his co-worker, one of the suited men says: "Nice one. Total dunk slam", much to the bemusement of his colleague.

Each of the spots ends with the line: "Sports skills are life skills. Help us make sure no kid goes without them."

Project: Whack, yelling
Client: TruTV
Brief: Promote the truTV network
Creative agency: Mother New York
Writer: Allon Tatarka
Art director: Eric Cosper
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Harvest
Director: Baker Smith
Editor: Dick Gordon
Post-production: Click 3x
Exposure: TV


Mother New York has created two TV spots for the US TV channel truTV, which show the dramatic reactions of people who view the action-packed truTV programming.

The first spot, "whack", sees a guy engaging with a truTV programme by whacking the person sitting next to him on his sofa.

Karma strikes in the end, though, as the guy, having taken part in the programme itself, ends up trussed up in bandages. His friend then gets the same whacking affliction and hits the injured man as his truTV experience is aired on-screen.

The second spot, "yelling", shows a guy shouting at his TV. Unfortunately, his neighbours mistakenly think he's reprimanding them for their misdemeanours.

Project: Hybrids
Clients: Rafael Chang, Ider Cifuentes, Toyota
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Y&R Peru
Writers: Flavio Pantigoso, Jorge Soto
Art directors: Christian Sanchez, Christopher Graham
Media agency: n/s
Photographer: Luis Felipe Soto
Exposure: Print


Y&R Peru has created a print campaign for the new Toyota Prius that aims to position the hybrid marque as the ideal vehicle for people looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

In a bid to highlight the authenticity of the hybrid car and its future-facing technology, the ad features an image of the Prius in a woodland setting surrounded by mythical hybrid creatures such as centaurs and mermaids.

The creatures gaze and point in awe at the Prius, while the strapline reads: "At last, a hybrid that isn't just a myth."

Project: 1-2-3 succeed
Client: FedEx
Brief: Put digital communications at the core of FedEx's marketing
strategy as it responds to the changing media "consumption" habits of
its customers
Creative agency: BBDO New York
Writers: Paul Fix, Rick Williams
Art director: Carlos Fernandez
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Bob Industries
Director: Bob Odenkirk
Editor: Tom Vogt, Blue Rock NY
Exposure: Online


The infamous American infomercial is sent up in a new online campaign for the shipping company FedEx.

Created by BBDO New York, the viral films see the American comedy actor Fred Willard hosting a studio-based chat show.

Willard, or the "wizard of wireless", takes to the stage to illustrate how FedEx makes office life easier by demonstrating the range of products and services available from FedEx.