X-Files in interactive push to mark 10-year anniversary

LONDON – 'The X Files', the cult paranormal TV series, is to mark its 10-year anniversary by launching an interactive poll on Fox International Channel FX 289 to find the best episodes.

Fans of the show will be able to vote on the best Mulder, Scully, scariest and weirdest episodes, with the two most popular choices to be broadcast on September 18 and 19. Voting will commence on September 10 via text message.

FX 289 will also run an interactive 10th Anniversary X-Files Quiz that will incorporate eight mini quizzes and a chance to win a JVC home entertainment system, copies of 'The X-Files' Season 1-3 box sets and limited editions of artwork from the series.

Jason Thorp, vice-president of broadcasting and marketing at Fox International Channels, said: "'The X-Files' has always had a very local fanbase and what better way for us to celebrate its 10th anniversary than to let fans call the shots in terms of which episodes we show."

'The X-Files' premiered in the UK on September 19 1994 and immediately assumed a cult status and helped to establish Fox TV as one of the biggest networks in the US.

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