Yell 'Day V Lately' by Rapier

Yell has remade its classic 'fly fishing' ad starring J.R. Hartley as part of a new campaign.

Rapier is behind the ad which features a new leading man in the search for a lost music track 'Pulse & Thunder' and shows him searching for the track online.

Watch the ad above, as well as the original 1983 version.

The campaign includes a competition to find the lost 'Pulse & Thunder' record, which will be hidden in independent music shops across the UK, with a chance to win a home DJ set-up.

In addition there is an integrated marketing campaign called ‘Ministry of Found’.

The campaign aims to make shop space accessible to all, not just big brands. It consists of working with a number of successful entrepreneurs to create tutorials that offer advice to potential new business owners. 

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