Zune Arts 'intergalactic swap meet' by 72andSunny

Microsoft has created an animated 60-second ad to back its digital media player, Zune.

The online film, which was produced by 72andSunny in Los Angeles, explores what happens when "your thing plus my thing equals a whole new different thing", in a very abstract way.

Set to the song 'Eucalyptus' by The Deadly Syndrome, a lonely animated creature discovers that his world is a lot richer when he shares goodies from his planet with other planets.

When they share back, the fun begins as creatures and landscapes merge to create exotic hybrids and a whole new world.

Microsoft launched Zune last year in answer to Apple's iPod. The Zune device is marketed as a gateway into a complete package of Microsoft branded entertainment, which also includes the computer giant's own version of iTunes.