Campaign covers the latest trends from Europe's largest digital marketing event.

Coming up at Dmexco 2017

"Transparency is keeping me up at night" Marc Pritchard

"We have to get out of our segments": Alison Lewis, global CMO, Johnson & Johnson

Microsoft: chatbots need a redefinition

dmexco17: Industry meets at Campaign party

"I'm sure Shakespeare would have loved 360-degree video"

Dmexco Decoded: Powering your advertising through technology

Dmexco Decoded: Reacting to the rise of social video on Facebook and beyond

'Digital has been the salvation in marketing': DirectLine's marketing director Mark Evans

Your ad is viewable but did anybody see it?

Dmexco 2016: revenge, rivalry and virtual reality

"Don Draper's not taken a back seat - but he has equals" Sir Martin Sorrell

Day 30: 5 ways to build brand stories using programmatic

Day 29: Bringing down the walled garden of cross-device

Day 28: VIDEO - Why Cross-Device is the True Path to Purchase

Day 27: Dmexco in quotes - the measure of success

Day 26: 7 apps you need to download for Dmexco

Day 25: Programmatic goes native

Day 24: Connected Life - What's next for programmatic TV?

Native going native: A brief to fit 1000 countries

Day 23: Artificial intelligence and the future of programmatic

Day 22: Dmexco buzzwords - content marketing

The four most important meetings at Dmexco

Day 21: Dining out near Dmexco

Day 20: Dmexco in quotes - data

Day 19: Dmexco trends for 2016

Top 5 rules for driving real performance-based outcomes

Day 18: A day in the life - Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Day 17: How the digital world's changed since the first Dmexco

Day 16: Dmexco buzzwords - mobile

Day 15: Dmexco Survival Guide part 2 - The Kit

Day 14: Dmexco in quotes - digital audiences

Day 13: Dmexco buzzwords - programmatic

Day 12: Dmexco Survival Guide part 1 - The Plan

Media planning builds walls - audience planning builds bridges

Day 11: Seven Dmexco talks you can't afford to miss

Day 10: Three areas where programmatic will change the face of advertising

Day 9: A day in the life - The Trade Desk, UK

Day 8: Connected Life - what's next for the Internet of Things

Day 7: Dmexco in quotes - Mobile

Day 6: Getting emotional with big data

Day 5: Game on - why mobile games are programmatic's next frontier

Day 4: Dmexco buzzwords - virtual reality

Day 3: Why digital needs the real world

Day 2: Connected Life - what's next for programmatic audio

Day 1: Five ways data is improving consumer experiences

What happened at Dmexco 2016?

Tech discoveries of the year

What's the key to effective brand storytelling?

Embracing digital disruption - what's next?

Spotify, P&G and BBC on the programmatic future

13-14 September 2017


Dmexco Decoded 2016