Marketing demands creative thinking and, sometimes, you need to dig deep to find what lies beneath. 

Campaign Underground is a unique series of live events bringing together unexpected voices in unusual places. Whether in an underground crypt, an industrial metal works or a crumbling music hall, the events present a rare chance to be genuinely inspired.

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Launch Event: Applied Captivation

How to see through the smoke and mirrors and actually use behavioural science

26 April 2017 | Islington Metal Works

3:30pm - 7:30pm


Trust no one. Trust nothing. Consumers don’t know what they want, inconsistency renders models of markets unreliable. If you look for patterns, chaos reigns.

Behavioural science has started to harness and understand this: how emotions fight rationality. But for many marketers, it’s a science that remains opaque and impractical – flirting between snake oil and impossible silver bullets.

That’s what Campaign Underground, in association with behavioural planning agency, Total Media , tackles. Through inspiring talks from brands and behavioural leaders, we’ll investigate how to make practical use of behavioural science. We’ll uncover what’s worked, why and – crucially – what hasn’t.

To enhance the talks and put your emotions and sense of rationality to the test, experience partner, PrettyGreen Events will be conducting a series of sensory experiments throughout the afternoon.


Mark Earls, The HERDmeister | Christopher Macleod, Marketing Director, Transport for London | Mike Dando, Advertising and Promotions EMEA Manager, Epson | Helen Edwards, Co-founder, Passionbrands | Thomas Thomaidis, Head of Marketing and Insight for Grocery, Ocado | Tom Laranjo, Managing Director, Total Media | Claire Beale, Global Editor in Chief, Campaign | Phil Barden, Author of ‘Decoded. The Science Behind Why We Buy’ | Martin Bryant, Senior Consumer Insights Manager, KFC | Seamus O’Farrel, Director of Strategy & Planning, System 1 Research

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