Marketing demands creative thinking and, sometimes, you need to dig deep to find what lies beneath. 

Campaign Underground is a unique series of live events bringing together unexpected voices in unusual places. Whether in an underground crypt, an industrial metal works or a crumbling music hall, the events present a rare chance to be genuinely inspired.

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The Economics of Emotion

Hate, joy, fear. Acquisition, retention, attribution. Can marketing really prove emotions drive business? 

15:00 - 18:30 | 20 September 2017 | Proud Camden

Humans crave emotion. There’s a stampede to forge authentic brand connections. Brands tug heartstrings and 'sadverts' leave us in tears.

But does such strategy alone influence consumers enough to change buying behaviour? How does the modern marketer measure this influence… and how far is too far? If it makes you cry, do you really want to buy it?

In Campaign Underground's second edition, we explore how emotional loyalty and brand authenticity impacts behaviour. With the help of leading marketers and experts, can we ease the friction between analytics and emotion? Can we relate the intangible to tangible results?


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Applied Captivation | April 2017

The inaugural Campaign Underground event, in association with Total Media, sought to investigate how to make practical use of behavioural science. Through inspiring talks from brands and behavioural leaders, we uncovered what's working, why and – crucially – what isn’t.

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“Brilliant” - Helen Frewer, Customer Planning & Strategy Manager, Waitrose

“The entire event from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave was an experiential, insightful, educational pleasure! So different to the usual conference set up which can get a little dreary, I was engaged from start to finish with this one and could have done it all again!” - Sophie Millington, Senior Retail Marketing Officer, Pandora

Click here to read more about April's Applied Captivation event

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