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Why UK advertising needs more independent voices

RIP Johnny Fearless, an agency that did a very wonderful piece of work last year for the Imperial War Museums but, frankly, has done little else lately to justify its continued existence in a crowded and oversupplied market. The shop sadly closed its...


Adland can't afford to lose sight of D&AD's vital role

Awards season is now well under way and next week more than 200 of the world s finest creatives will gather in London to judge the 2015 D AD Awards. Judging week is a bigger deal this year because D AD is aiming to make it a real industry event. So...


Polite applause: maybe the ultimate insult to creativity

I didn t make it to British Arrows last week, though there are (still) few greater pleasures in this business than wallowing in big-screen advertising action; a shopper marketing mobile campaign case study doesn t get my blood throbbing quite so loud...


Ad Week must hear from the money and the magic

Two big preoccupations this week: first, the Nielsen billings tally for last year and our accompanying School Reports; second, the Advertising Week Europe roadshow that s been rumbling through town for the past few days. The two are of course relat...


Let's ditch the self-doubt and ignore Kevin Roberts

I wasn t going to mention it, because I don t think it does any of us any favours, but it keeps nagging away at me. Did you read the interview that Saatchi Saatchi s chairman, Kevin Roberts, gave to The Guardian the other week? In case you miss...


Creatives: rise up, claim ownership (have a beer)

You can sniff a degree of nervousness on the industry air today. A new Executive Creative Directors Council is being launched down at the IPA. The beer s chilling, the nibbles are on order. But will anyone actually turn up? Creatives aren t good at t...


Pitches mean more sex but fewer relationships

A good agency in pitch-fight mode is a wonderful thing to observe. Every predictable groan about late nights, weekend working, even cancelled holidays, barely conceals the shaky, addictive adrenaline high that comes with straining together to win.


Clients need to be part of creating a better adland

Because it s fashionable to talk about these things now, an agency CEO was telling me recently about a very senior, very smart colleague who d just come back from having a child and asked to go on a four-day-week contract. No problem. Four days of ...


Brilliant, effective creativity cannot be compromised

Apologies to James Hilton for stealing an amusing (half) truth from his brilliant essay on creativity, but "it s hard enough in our industry to find time to have a shit". Which is, sort of, one of the arguments put forward for why the role of an all-...


Networks might be able to provide that start-up buzz

If you work in advertising and have anything approaching an ego, then it s almost certain you ll have thought about launching a start-up agency. Even now, I could give you the names of at least three or four big-agency CEOs who ve been nursing the ...

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