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Pitches mean more sex but fewer relationships

A good agency in pitch-fight mode is a wonderful thing to observe. Every predictable groan about late nights, weekend working, even cancelled holidays, barely conceals the shaky, addictive adrenaline high that comes with straining together to win. "A...


Clients need to be part of creating a better adland

Because it s fashionable to talk about these things now, an agency CEO was telling me recently about a very senior, very smart colleague who d just come back from having a child and asked to go on a four-day-week contract. No problem. Four days of ...


Brilliant, effective creativity cannot be compromised

Apologies to James Hilton for stealing an amusing (half) truth from his brilliant essay on creativity, but "it s hard enough in our industry to find time to have a shit". Which is, sort of, one of the arguments put forward for why the role of an all-...


Networks might be able to provide that start-up buzz

If you work in advertising and have anything approaching an ego, then it s almost certain you ll have thought about launching a start-up agency. Even now, I could give you the names of at least three or four big-agency CEOs who ve been nursing the ...


Good manners still matter in adland relationships

When the news broke last week that Bartle Bogle Hegarty was parting company with Waitrose (adspend: 25 million) to take on Tesco (adspend: 110 million), someone sent me an old quote by David Abbott. When faced with a similar choice dump one clien...


We can all do something to secure adland's future

There s a lot of ambition in 2015 s first issue of Campaign. The essays that follow illustrate an industry (generally) full of confidence and momentum. James Murphy is predicting a return to a fuller service, Philippa Brown calls for more collaborati...


Welcome to The Annual 2014

Claire Beale global editor-in-chief, Campaign If you ve got to the end of 2014 with any doubt in your mind that advertising is a fantastic industry to work in, settle back and wallow in the following pages. Here you ll find plenty of evidence...


Creative v media agencies is beginning to get ugly

Last week, the executive creative director of a big ad agency came barrelling up to me, beard twitching, clearly angling for a verbal scrap. I did a quick mental check. Turkey of the Week? Not for a while. Bad review in Private View? Hmm, don t thi...


Agencies cannot continue to give their ideas away

I'm used to agencies telling me how great they really are, really: just look at all this work, and this smart thinking, and all these tools with silly names.


Agency rivalries and one big Omnicom superstore

There are only two things most agencies want to talk about at the moment.

Dave Trott


Tara Beard-Knowland

Is the answer really 42?

Nick Jefferson

Never Gonna Give You Up?

Dave Trott


Lorelei Mathias


Jonathan Staines



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