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Albion shows Engine how to get a deal over the line

In the annals of corporate acquisitions of UK advertising agencies, Lake Capital's putative purchase of Engine must surely go down as one of the most muddled.


Jones' exit provides a lesson in culture preservation

With Gwyn Jones' surprise departure from Bartle Bogle Hegarty - the only employer that he has ever known - industry chat has turned to whether the special covenant that Publicis Groupe promised when it fully bought out the shop still stands.


A time for reflective silence. From advertisers too

Two powerful and thoughtful pieces of commemorative advertising have already been produced ahead of Monday's centenary of Britain's entry into World War I. Johnny Fearless' sublime and moving piece of animation for the Imperial War Museum is a though...


Ad business needs more like its rebel with a cause

A recent reunion at my village school was a reminder of how much your earliest years shape you. I once made a stab at a career in advertising, but it finished before it began - me having been stumped by the second question on Young & Rubicam's 1994 g...


Another busy week for the men who make us spend

All good stories need their heroes and villains. The documentary-maker Jacques Peretti was quick to point the finger at the entire advertising industry being the latter in his over-simplistic rant against consumerism, The Men Who Made Us Spend , on ...


How much more can new business cost agencies?

The lyrics of Andy Williams 1963 hit Can t Get Used To Losing You should sum up the attitude of the more competitive agency new-business directors the words of the late crooner continuing to spur them on. But while Williams lamented the emotional ...


The end of a special relationship is a reality check

And so, after 35 years, that was the end of that. BMW's brief phone call to WCRS last Wednesday evening put a rather brutal conclusion to one of the most enduring relationships in British advertising.


The UK has re-established itself as a global ad force

Whether James Murphy emulated the celebration of the young French football fans by commandeering an aged but slightly pimped-up Citroën Saxo and driving up and the down the Croisette repeatedly blowing the horn and waving a flag, I'm not sure, as I'd...


In ad agencies, grey hairs are something to cherish

Perhaps it's a paradox that an industry that is sometimes so obsessed with slavishly chasing the young and the new and the unproven quite rightly still remembers, honours and venerates the old, the established and, more crucially, the departed. But i...


A timely reminder of what advertising is really all about

Indefinable and unquantifiable as it is, the concept of inspiration has bedevilled philosophers and psychologists since at least Hellenic times. Divinely disposed, as the ancient Greeks thought, or, as Sigmund Freud would have us believe, the product...


Did Follows prove a step too far for JWT's old boys?

When Tracey Follows breezed into JWT London in June 2012, her arrival felt like a breath of fresh air. Her sudden resignation, announced to shocked staff last week, was almost as dramatic. Despite pleas to stay, she leaves the agency after two years ...


Jeremy Lee: What sort of man was Abbott? Just look around you

Sir Christopher Wren's oft-quoted epitaph that is inscribed on a plaque in St Paul's Cathedral - "Lector, si monumentum requiris, circumspice" ("Reader, if you seek his monument, look around you") - seems a fitting tribute to the life of David Abbott...


Adland clichés cannot rival those at Westminster

There's an ad currently on TV that probably tells you rather more about the popular perception of the advertising industry than it does of the brand it is promoting. In fact, I can't remember the name of the advertiser or the sector it's in (it's tha...


Don't forget your PJs at advertising's annual soirée

Which agencies or advertising campaigns will flourish and which will fail at Cannes this year for now remains the stuff of dreams or nightmares, but the "learning programme" at this year's festival seems disappointingly somnolent in parts.


Adland's enfants terribles can liven up M&C Starchy

It's quite difficult to imagine Jeremy Sinclair putting his male member in a vice and slowly turning the handle as he reads out Private View, with it all being filmed and streamed live over the internet, isn't it?


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