Telefónica's U-turn poses unanswered questions

Telefónica's U-turn poses unanswered questions

There must be a story behind the story of Telefónica's media agency shift. I doubt it's one that will show our industry in a good light.

How smart are smart systems?

How smart are smart systems?

Walking down one of Hampstead's bijou roads recently, I noticed a woman leaning out of an upstairs window explaining to a man at the door that her "smart" lock had locked her inside and asking him to try different ways to open the door.

Global viewpoint from South Africa

Global viewpoint from South Africa

Three macro drivers are contributing towards a very vibrant South African ad industry: talent diversity, digital migration and the changing role of South Africa as a gateway to the rest of Africa. It s appropriate, however, to start off with the fa...

Stop lamenting the heady days of media - we need to change with the times

Stop lamenting the heady days of media - we need to change with the times

Many seasoned protagonists often bemoan the lack of personalities in our media business today, but such a perspective misses the point. The first flush of media agencies in the 80s were the heady days of "media", when the most important accolades ...

Tech viewpoint on advertising to children

Tech viewpoint on advertising to children

If you ask politicians what worries them about our industry, eight out of ten would give the same answer: how advertisers talk to kids. Many think advertising shouldn t target them at all. Sprinkle in the average politician s knowledge of our busines...

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  • RETAIL THERAPY Jonathan Staines 22-Oct-2014

    I was going to lament the lack of fresh thinking in UK retail when two things happened recently that gave me hope. One of them was only an advert but it was a bloody good advert. It made me realise that a certain British retailer is an unsung hero of the high street: Argos.

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  • Nice one. Andy Nairn 21-Oct-2014

    Nice isn’t a word you encounter much in advertising these days. (Apart from when someone asks you the best airport for Cannes). It feels rather old fashioned. A bit vanilla. Damning with faint praise, perhaps.

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  • NABS Tuesday Club Talk with Sir Martin Sorrell NABS 21-Oct-2014

    On Tuesday night we played host to a very special guest at our regular Tuesday Club Talk, with legendary ad-man Martin Sorrell taking to the stage at JWT. In what was his third Tuesday Club Talk, making him our most frequent speaker, Sir Martin ensured it was another memorable talk.

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  • DEFINITELY NOT MEADIOCRE Dave Trott 21-Oct-2014


    I just read Peter Mead’s new autobiography, it’s fascinating of course.

    But not for the reason you’d think.

    You’d think it would be difficult for him to choose the happiest moment of his life.


  • What Can We Learn From Thorne Travel Jonathan Akwue 15-Oct-2014 If you haven’t already seen the Thorne Travel advert, watch it now. The Aryshire travel agent’s promotional video is so bad it’s brilliant.
  • Fast Forward 2014 – Storytelling NABS 14-Oct-2014

    As our teams run into the last week of the NABS Fast Forward course, the pressure is on. They have all been working tirelessly doing their research, finding insights and coming up with strategies, creative ideas and media activation. But, if they fail to wow the judges on the day and bring these ideas to life in the room they could find themselves losing the business, a scary prospect that these delegates are going to face in their careers.

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