Adland's quest to reclaim content from factory lines

Adland's quest to reclaim content from factory lines

I've spent an awful lot of time this past week talking to writers in the US. It's been one of the most thoroughly depressing things I've done in a long time.

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Slogans are not enough

Slogans are not enough

Ian Katz, the editor of Newsnight , wrote recently about an impasse in journalism, suggesting a deal to allow politicians to get their point across in traditional media and be less defensive. As the general election approaches, I think politicia...

Time has come for the quiet shops to start shouting

Time has come for the quiet shops to start shouting

Slightly subtler than one of Julian Fellowes' clunky plot twists, the narrative of two of the more interesting start-ups of recent years has changed with the news that both Joint and Lucky Generals had won a place on the Amazon ad roster - with the f...

The loss of the Govt media buying business is sure to be queried by Sorrell

The loss of the Govt media buying business is sure to be queried by Sorrell

Few would have predicted it - and, be assured, some are still contesting it - but Sir Martin Sorrell's M4C has all but lost the Government's media buying business. This begs the question: how?

Global viewpoint from Dubai

Global viewpoint from Dubai

I should confess that I arrived in Dubai just a few months ago. But, from the moment you arrive, you sense Dubai is a city where entrepreneurs rule and anyone with a vision (and deep pockets) can make things happen. Everything in Dubai is big. From t...

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  • Taking another bite of the Apple Tara Beard-Knowland 15-Sep-2014

    One would think that, because more than half of us struggle to ‘switch off’ (57%, according to the Ipsos Global Trends Survey), we would look for less, rather than more, technology. But, as ever, Apple’s latest launch was eagerly anticipated and, as usual, met with mixed reactions. And the launch was bigger and better than ever, unveiling the iPhone 6 in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch varieties, a 13-inch iPad and, unless you’ve been living under a rock and missed it, the much-anticipated smartwatch.

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  • Fast Forward 2014 – Week One NABS 12-Sep-2014

    It’s hard to believe that a year has gone since the last NABS Fast Forward - but it must have because here we are, fresh faced and ready for a new challenge. Joining us on that challenge is a new group of the most talented, ambitious and motivated young people in our business – which is in equal parts terrifying and exciting as a mentor. As usual they are drawn from across our industry, preserving Jeremy Bullmore’s original intent to unite media and creativity. But this year we also have media owners and clients in our midst. A brave joining of hands indeed.

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  • GIVE ‘EM THE OLD SOFT SOAP Dave Trott 9-Sep-2014


    In 1957 Dove soap started advertising for the first time.

    They ran a press ad with a woman luxuriating in a bathful of bubbles.

    The headline said HEAD OVER HEELS IN DOVE.

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  • The Idea Everyone’s Had, but now Someone’s Actually Done Lol and Nat 2-Sep-2014

    Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.46.00 AM


    Now I can’t speak for every creative in the world, but I know Nat and I have had this idea for a bunch of different briefs.

    It’s the kind of idea you present and everyone looks at you like you’ve just crash-landed from Planet Unfeasible.

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    Filtered cigarettes were originally only for women.

    Men smoked masculine, unfiltered cigarettes.

    The thinking was that men could take tobacco straight, but it would be too strong for frail women.


  • Dear Lorraine #1 NABS 28-Aug-2014

    Welcome to our new regular feature ‘Dear Lorraine’. Lorraine Jennings, head of support at NABS, tackles your career queries and concerns.

    If there’s a question you’d like Lorraine to answer regarding anything to do with your working life, send an email to dearlorraine@nabs.org.uk

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