POG tripping over red tape in advertising arms race

POG tripping over red tape in advertising arms race

As the first quarter of the year came to a close, we were again reminded of the high-stakes (quite literally, with a billion dollars of media spend changing hands in a single week) game being played out at the very top of the advertising and media in...

Global viewpoint from South Africa

Global viewpoint from South Africa

On 8 April, South Africans took to the voting polls to celebrate 20 years since this country's first free and fair elections. A lot has changed in that time. A lot hasn't. But what about the advertising industry?

Tech viewpoint on funding start-ups

Tech viewpoint on funding start-ups

Two years ago, my agency, London Advertising, was offered a loan facility of £4 million to buy a social media shop to grow our in-house "digital" capability. Being adverse to debt, my business partner and I thought we should do something a tad more c...

With all that baggage, Miller should've flown Ryanair

With all that baggage, Miller should've flown Ryanair

Having been hailed for her "understanding" of advertising on her appointment as the Culture Secretary in 2012, Maria Miller's protracted departure from the post last week showed two other less-welcome qualities that critics often associate with the i...

Robots aren't teaming up with art directors - they're too busy writing the news

Robots aren't teaming up with art directors - they're too busy writing the news

On 17 March at 7.53am, the Los Angeles Times ran a story on its website about an earthquake striking near the city: "A shallow magnitude 2.7 earthquake aftershock was reported Monday morning four miles from Westwood, according to the US Geological Su...

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  • Jesus Games. Nick Jefferson 15-Apr-2014

    We don’t really do religion in our family.

    Indeed, the catch-all, non-denominational, multi-faith, woefully inaccurate moniker that we afford to all religions is ‘Jesus Games’.

    Some people like to go and play Jesus Games on a Sunday, some on a Saturday, and some on a Friday.

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  • The Trust Trap strikes again Andy Nairn 15-Apr-2014

    Last week, we were treated to another one of those surveys, listing Britain’s most trusted brands. This time, the top 3 positions were held by the AA, the Post Office and Boots. All famous names, to be sure, and all companies full of integrity. So no doubt we should congratulate them for this momentous achievement. But perhaps our praise should be somewhat muted.

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  • BIG DATA v SMART DATA Dave Trott 15-Apr-2014

    A while back, a man went into a Target supermarket in Minneapolis.
    He asked for the manager.
    He said “I find this offensive. Your store has sent this leaflet, personally addressed to my teenage daughter.
    Coupons for maternity clothing, nursery furniture, baby-clothes, baby milk, diapers.
    My daughter is still in school, what are you trying to do, encourage her to get pregnant?”
    It seemed like a mistake so the manager apologised.

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  • Calling all heroes NABS 14-Apr-2014

    Words by Nicky Harris, director of partnerships & events

    In a recent i-media article ‘Why people hate the Ad industry’; dishonesty, greed, contrivance and condescension were cited as typical Adland traits – a rather embarrassing image problem for a ‘people business’ dependent on relationship building.

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  • How mobile is driving the native revolution Campaign Guest 10-Apr-2014

    Piers North is strategy director at Yahoo


    Native advertising is one of the buzz words of the moment and it generally provokes one of two reactions. Either a sense of confusion, or the feeling that it’s an over-hyped phrase which is just a new way of describing what we do already – creating advertising which is relevant to the editorial experience.

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  • I want a new job, where do I start? NABS 8-Apr-2014

    Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS.

    So, you’re thinking that it may be time for a change. Time to move on, step up and advance your career. You may have had a great two, five, ten years with your current employer, learnt a lot, worked with talented people and advanced through the ranks but are just feeling it’s time for a new challenge or a fresh start. Or, perhaps you are feeling stuck in your current role, desperately wanting to move forwards but the opportunity just doesn’t seem to be there.

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