A time for reflective silence. From advertisers too

A time for reflective silence. From advertisers too

Two powerful and thoughtful pieces of commemorative advertising have already been produced ahead of Monday's centenary of Britain's entry into World War I. Johnny Fearless' sublime and moving piece of animation for the Imperial War Museum is a though...

Tech viewpoint on multichannel content

Tech viewpoint on multichannel content

Video content is the undisputed jewel in the digital advertising crown. As an online engagement tool, it is in exponential growth, no doubt fuelling, at least in part, yet another revision upwards of online spend in the latest IPA Bellwether Report.

Yes, there are fewer cocks in Cameron's Cabinet, but it's not exactly a hen party

Yes, there are fewer cocks in Cameron's Cabinet, but it's not exactly a hen party

The comedian Andy Hamilton summed up how most of us feel about the injection of women into the new Cabinet when he said: "It's nice that Cameron has discovered women so near election time."

Global viewpoint from Hong Kong

Global viewpoint from Hong Kong

In the 17 years since the handover, Hong Kong has defied almost every prediction of its demise. It is a hub city in a region wrongly relegated to secondary status when it comes to creativity. But Asia is now exacting revenge through innovation in soc...

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  • Hooray, someone’s finally done something with the Out-of-Office media space Lol and Nat 30-Jul-2014 Ever since this, we have dreamed of making something that plays on the Out of Office message media space to all its smug potential, but we've never quite found the right brand to do it for. Happily Antidote have just done it for Travel Republic, and it's simple and marvellous:
  • THROWING MONEY AWAY Dave Trott 29-Jul-2014


    European farmers throw away three hundred million tons of fruit and vegetables a year.

    There’s nothing wrong with them but they’re mis-shapen.

    So the supermarkets won’t take them.

    The supermarkets will only take perfect fruit and vegetables.

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  • The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising? Tara Beard-Knowland 25-Jul-2014

    For years we’ve seen the role of the women in advertising evolve; from perfect housewife, to aspirational beauty, we’ve seen high expectations and the pressure mounting on women. The introduction of Photoshop has set the bar even higher for women, as perfection becomes even more impossible for the average woman to achieve. This is largely based on the assumption that just being ourselves isn’t good enough. The role of women in society is defined, and female consumers can often be encouraged to fit the mould.

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  • ACADEMIC ADVERTISING Dave Trott 22-Jul-2014


    Advertising is now taught as an academic subject.

    It’s a sub-set of marketing.

    So you can get a degree in marketing and one of your modules will be advertising.

    You’ll do modules in: pricing & distribution theory, market research, brand planning, category management, ethical marketing, social and mobile media, presentation skills, and, oh yes, advertising.


  • TOSSED: BLOWING THEIR OWN BRAND? Jonathan Staines 19-Jul-2014

    Tossed might be a good brand name for a social media platform for coin collectors. Or an app to help Scotsmen choose their cabers. But it’s a salad bar.

    Without doubt, the name is hard (ahem) to forget. In many contexts, the word ‘toss’ has a perfectly innocuous meaning. And it is relevant to food. We toss both pancakes and salads.


  • MANSPLAINING Dave Trott 15-Jul-2014


    In an article in the Economist, a neurosurgeon talks of her experience at a dinner party.

    She was explaining a book she’d written to a group of people.

    One of the men kept interrupting her.

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