The link between the 'visual web' and gender equality

The link between the 'visual web' and gender equality

The dominance of the "visual web" may herald a new era in human communication.

Tech viewpoint on rich media

Tech viewpoint on rich media

Rich media has been the mainstay of online brand marketing for more than ten years, thanks to its ability to deliver a blend of video and interactivity directly to where the user can be found. But, unlike standard display advertising and pre-roll vid...

Global viewpoint from China

Global viewpoint from China

Much has been said about the softening growth of China s GDP after the announcement that it will be cut to 7 per cent its slowest rate in two decades. However, one thing that most agree is that a 7 per cent GDP growth rate remains the envy of most ...

Vloggers may not be as wholesome as they seem

Vloggers may not be as wholesome as they seem

A couple of weeks ago, The Independent examined the type of ads sitting alongside the teenage-friendly video bloggers on YouTube. The journalist and documentary film-maker Chris Atkins began to investigate after noticing the predominance of McDonal...

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  • RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE Jonathan Staines 15-Apr-2015

    It’s no surprise that Apple is at the top of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list but the accompanying profile of the brand ( http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/2014/apple/ ) is rather worrying. In it, we discover that Wired magazine described “the new Apple ecosystem” as having “turned our world into one “huge ubiquitous computer…all around us, all the time.”


  • DIFFERENT IS WORTH MORE Dave Trott 15-Apr-2015

    Chris Blackwell was born in Jamaica and went to school in England.

    When he went home to Jamaica he tried various jobs, but didn’t like any of them.

    The only thing he loved was Jamaican music.


  • Real, Real, Real. Nick Jefferson 13-Apr-2015


    We all know about the importance of authenticity.

    It’s been part of the bullshit bingo in agency-land for some time.

    Even five years ago, on writing a piece for the US Huffington Post about authenticity, I was sufficiently worried that the word strayed far enough into cliche territory that I made a clumsy attempt to aim-off for it.

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  • YOUR AUDIENCE’S LANGUAGE Dave Trott 8-Apr-2015

    Economic Progressivism sounds like a difficult concept.

    It sounds complicated but, like anything, it needn’t be.

    Not if you put it in plain language.

    Like anything it just needs explaining in terms your audience can understand.


  • Steve Edge: The Future Doesn’t Just Happen NABS 1-Apr-2015

    Prophet. Madman. Wanderer. And there it was, in those three words the makings of what was undoubtedly one of the most memorable and iconic Tuesday Club Talks NABS has hosted.


    The voice behind the profanities came from the indomitable Steve Edge who declared that at the age of four, having discovered fat marker pens, plastic scissors and glitter, that his career in design was born. We, the audience were hooked.

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  • DON’T OVERTHINK IT Dave Trott 1-Apr-2015

    (From ‘THE OTAGO DAILY TIMES’ – New Zealand.)
    “We were trapped for thirteen hours in our own car” Brian Smith explained to reporters in Alexandra, “and the emergency services told us that we’d have died if we’d been there for another half hour.
    It’s a keyless car, so when the door was shut and we didn’t have the transponder key, we couldn’t get out.
    We tried to smash the window with a car jack, and we sounded our horn, but it was Guy Fawkes Night and nobody noticed it, due to fireworks.
    We were trapped.
    By morning, my wife Molljeanne was unconscious and I was struggling to breathe, when neighbours finally rescued us and took us to hospital.
    I’ve since been shown that I could have opened the door manually with the door handle, but I didn’t know that then.
    I thought the doors would only work with the transponder, so I didn’t try the handle.
    I think all owners of keyless cars need to educate themselves in how to operate their car.”
    So let’s get this right.
    This guy and his wife sat in their car for thirteen hours and nearly died because it didn’t occur to them to try the door handle.
    That sounds pretty stupid, we’d never do that would we.
    And yet we do it every day.
    We are so overwhelmed by how complicated we’ve made everything we’ve lost the ability to use simple plain old common sense.
    No wonder creative departments are confused.
    What exactly is their job?
    Is it: native advertising, content curation, storytelling or ideation, big data or hyper local, demographics or psychographics, semiotics, neuro-linguistics, or behavioural economics, choice architecture, cognitive dissonance, loss aversion bias, the sunk-cost heuristic, hyperbolic discounting, or confirmation bias, CRM, SEO, KPI, RPI, or CSR?
    In fact they’re expected to know about all of these.
    And yet.
    Recently, Tim Bell was giving a talk on political advertising.
    He and Saatchi helped Thatcher win three elections in a row.
    They know all about the complicated world of political advertising.
    Tim said this:
    “There are two strategies in political advertising.
    Either: It’s time to change.
    Or: It’s not time to change.”
    Tim and Saatchis won Thatcher three elections in a row by keeping it simple.
    One of the simple things Tim understands is the difference between advertising and marketing.
    Advertising isn’t marketing.
    Advertising is the voice of marketing.
    But most advertising people don’t know that.
    Consequently a lot of advertising looks like a marketing mood film with a two second logo on the end.
    It keeps everyone in the client’s marketing department happy.
    It ticks all the boxes.
    And it’s bland and invisible to the consumer.
    Because everyone forgot the simple job.
    Will ordinary people notice it?
    Why should they buy it?
    We don’t ask those questions because everything is too complicated.

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