Tech viewpoint on adland's role in start-ups

Tech viewpoint on adland's role in start-ups

Advertising has always been connected with innovation. There s the constant search for fresh approaches to communicate a familiar brand or position a novel product. In the past, the connection between advertising and innovation has mostly been indire...

The best way forward? Turn around and look back

The best way forward? Turn around and look back

There's an important issue that has been raised by many at the forefront of innovation. The pace of change is naturally becoming even faster. At the Government Digital Service Sprint 15 conference, Martha Lane Fox said that breathlessness wasn't enou...

Why HSBC's relationship with the Telegraph and Guardian is the press story of our time

Why HSBC's relationship with the Telegraph and Guardian is the press story of our time

Five years ago, a translucent coverwrap by J Walter Thompson enabled HSBC to make press history and commandeer the front and back pages of The Daily Telegraph for the first time in 155 years.

Global viewpoint from the Middle East

Global viewpoint from the Middle East

The Middle East and North Africa region spans a host of countries from Morocco to the United Arab Emirates and is home to more than 380 million people. A region of extremes. Home to the richest country in the world (Qatar, with $98,000 GDP per capita...

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  • TWO MINUSES CAN MAKE A PLUS Dave Trott 25-Feb-2015

    Every year two million stray dogs are put to death in the USA.

    They are taken to shelters to see if anyone wants them.

    Hardly anyone does of course.

    They’re dirty, often diseased, undomesticated.


  • Is the answer really 42? Tara Beard-Knowland 24-Feb-2015

    In Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the supercomputer Deep Thought says, ‘The answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.’ This great question, the meaning of life, the Purpose is one that is asked by many different people at many different times, especially at an individual level – what is my Purpose?

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  • Never Gonna Give You Up? Nick Jefferson 18-Feb-2015

    If you play a certain type of ‘Jesus Game’, today marks the start of Lent.

    This is where you traditionally deny yourself something as a form of penitence.

    Serious Jesus Games players tell of how it prepares them for the ‘Big Event': remembering Jesus’ death, resurrection etc. at Easter.

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  • A KERNEL OF TRUTH Dave Trott 18-Feb-2015

    Harland David Sanders was born in Indiana in 1890.

    In 1903 he got a job painting horse-drawn carriages.

    In 1904 he became a farm hand.

    In 1905 a streetcar conductor.

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  • MIND THE GAP… BETWEEN STANZAS Lorelei Mathias 17-Feb-2015

    London Underground wants your lines.

    TFL is working on its next round of lovely poetic posters to encourage us all to behave like evolved human beings. You know, the ones that politely suggest we please refrain from scoffing stinky kebabs on the tube, and to for gods sake turn those down wretched headphones…but in a slightly nicer, more charming way.


  • WATCH OUT FOR C-WORDS Jonathan Staines 14-Feb-2015

    Recently, the brand agency, Aesop, published a simple guide to planning. The Five Cs of Planning. It’s a wonderfully concise summary of the basics of strategy. It got me thinking about some other C-words. Good, bad and ugly c-words. It just so happens that some of the words in marketing that cause me consternation begin with ‘C’. Here’s a small selection…

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