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The reality of any organisation is that marketing can’t control every touch point our customers encounter – but if we don’t at least influence or get involved in the entire journey, then we waste the work we do to convince a prospect to take the first step. 


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AB InBev: Bud Light will be Budweiser's 'kid brother'

Bud Light will appeal to young drinkers seeking a lower-alcohol beer with a more contemporary image, according to AB InBev, which is making a second attempt to introduce the US's number one beer brand to the UK.

Posted on 24 February 2017 | 3:43 pm

Ffitch to step down as Telegraph advertising chief after a year

Robert Ffitch is to step down as director of advertising revenues at Telegraph Media Group after only a year in the role.

Posted on 24 February 2017 | 2:11 pm

Ad-blocker Shine becomes ad verification service Rainbow

Controversial ad-blocking firm Shine Technologies has unexpectedly launched and advertising service and renamed itself Rainbow.

Posted on 24 February 2017 | 11:11 am

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