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KHWS Limited
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About KHWS

KHWS is The Brand Commerce Agency, an independent, London-based marketing company. KHWS believes that on the path to purchase, brand and commerce are the same thing.

Our Brand Commerce model takes a behavioural science approach, identifying nine key sales triggers that consumers use to make purchasing decisions – these are the mental short cuts we are all hardwired to make to confirm our actions. We use these sales triggers to inform and deliver marketing campaigns that drive sales by turning interactions into transactions.

Digitally led, our campaigns leverage eight core disciplines: website and app design and build, interactive content, shopper, B2B2C, social, eCRM, search and internal comms. KHWS has also developed a set of proprietary tools to support field sales teams; revolutionise visual merchandising compliance; drive loyalty and improve online training.

Our clients include Samsung, ExxonMobil, Estee Lauder, Tesco, Heathrow Express, Mars and ASK Italian, all served by more than 120 passionate marketers


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