Day 1 

30 June






Being More Human is the Biggest Digital Disrupter

Many brands struggle with digital transformation, moving their marketing strategy and systems beyond big broadcast moments to take advantage of a more nimble, agile, and personalised approach. Hear from leaders at Blue State Digital, a creative and tech agency, and Lloyds Banking Group, around how they’re adopting a test-and-learn model to lead disruptive change — gaining targeted insights quickly and efficiently, continuously optimising, and becoming a more human and useful bank to customers in the process.

Samir Patel, Managing Director, Blue State Digital
Shailen Joshi, Head of Digital Marketing Communications, Lloyds Banking Group


The Ups and Downs of Digital Advertising - the Obstacles and the Opportunities

Brands can influence customers via digital at a number of touchpoints on their journey in a way that offline ads simply cannot do. But, on the flip-side of this we have the dark world of obstacles faced by digital advertisers viewability, brand safety, ad fraud, privacy and every advertiser’s nemesis - ad-blocking. This panel will discuss the opportunities and the obstacles as they see them as well as effectively safeguarding the future of digital advertising. 

Joanna Blankleder, Digital Marketing Lead, London Bridge Hospital
Rav Dhaliwal, Head of Performance Marketing, Marks & Spencer
Matthew Gardiner, Director of Acquisition Marketing, UnderTheDoormat

Coffee Break and Networking


Digital Transformation and Inclusion

Digital is now part of our daily lives, but when it comes to organisations, many are struggling to roll out digital transformation, culture, leadership, lack of digital skills and investment are the main barriers. Morgan will show how to best address these, and tackle inclusion at the same time, Morgan will also give a glimpse on how she’s approaching #DX at National Deaf Children’s Society.

Mx. Morgan Martins, Head of Digital Engagement, National Deaf Children's Society


Stream A: 1-2-1 Meetings


Stream B: Roundtable - Affiliate Window

Explore why affiliate marketing is the way forward for your brand in this fast-paced roundtable




Stream A: 1-2-1 Meetings


Stream B: Roundtable - Crafted

How the shift to mobile is changing your customer’s buying behaviour


Coffee Break and Networking


Content That Keeps Users Close - A Case Study, the free, online personal styling service for men, has leveraged content to stay close to customers and grow retention and acquisition. Here's how. 

Eimear Lynch, Content Strategist, Thread


Stream A: 1-2-1 meetings


Stream B: Roundtable - Observer Effect


Analytics and Attribution: Debunking the Myths and Giving Practical Insights

The advent of digital media and advertising has provided marketers with new abilities to precisely manage and measure the online success of direct response campaigns. Tracking the effectiveness of brand marketing through digital channels, however, has proven to be a headache for many. This panel will debunk some of the myths surrounding analytics and attribution as well as giving practical insights on how marketers can properly measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Jon Carney, Chief Digital Officer, McCann Worldgroup
Tom Lewis, VP Client Services, Rakuten
Ben Peterson, Group Head of Display Sales UK, TripAdvisor 

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Networking Drinks Reception


Networking Dinner

Day 2

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Aligning the Troops - Building a Dynamic In-House Digital Team

Many organisations suffer from poor levels of diversity, particularly at senior levels. Yet, having a diverse and eclectic team could be the key to engaging a wider audience. In this enlightening talk, Vicky will draw on her extensive experiences and HumanSmart's methods for creating smart, intuitive workplaces, including some recent case studies.

Vicky Grinnell-Wright, Director, HumanSmart

Mindfulness Workshop, led by Alistair Appleton

This unique workshop  will combine therapy and meditation and how we embrace these in our digitalised world.


Coffee to Go - End of Event

NOTE: This is a provisional agenda and all timings and sessions may be subject to change


"Good - useful for me as now doing business with Crafted as our new Digital agency as a result of this event"
Jenny Wallace, Operations & Marketing, Dental Care Plus

"A well organised event, with an optimum balance of panels, roundtables and 121s, enabling us marketers to hear from industry around best practices, as well as speak directly to new agencies about our own specific needs. A great day."
Chi Igboaka, Head of Performance Marketing, Travelex

"It was an excellent experience, great chance to meet with other professionals and share/mould ideas"
Benjamin Mercer, Marketing Lead, JL Money

"Really well run and informative event. Some excellent networking opportunities and I'd highly recommend anyone working in digital marketing to attend."
Michael Higham, Partner Services Manager, Arsenal

"A great opportunity for marketeers to meet with the leading agencies while keeping up with the digital trends and hear from the leaders of the industry"
Turker Bilgin, Global Brand Manager, Unilever