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Danny Rogers

Danny Rogers

Editor, Campaign & Editor in Chief, the Brand Republic Group

Danny Rogers has recently been made editor of Campaign, which has served as ‘the bible’ for the advertising industry for nearly 50 years.

He has been a leading media and marketing journalist for 15 years and remains Editor in Chief for Haymarket’s Brand Republic Group (Campaign, Media Week, Marketing, PRWeek,

Danny won a number of awards during his six-year stint editing PRWeek, including Editor of the Year 2008 (winner - British Society of Magazine Editors) Editor of the Year 2009 (highly commended - PPA) - thanks to the title’s growing influence on the national news agenda, and a series of outstanding scoops.

He has previously been a contributing editor to the Financial Times and Media Guardian, as well as deputy editor for Marketing magazine, which he helped overhaul in 2004, winning PPA's Business Magazine of the Year.

Danny is a frequent media commentator on political and business issues, writing regularly for the Independent and the Guardian  along with broadcast appearances on the BBC (Today Programme, News 24, Working Lunch, World News, BBC World Service, FiveLive).

He also retains a strong interest in travel – writing consumer reviews and industry analysis. And is a keen sportsman, although his (lifelong) support for Chelsea Football Club wins him few friends.


Latest Articles From This Author

POG tripping over red tape in advertising arms race

- As the first quarter of the year came to a close, we were again reminded of the high-stakes (quite literally, with a billion dollars of media spend changing hands in a single week) game being played out at the very top of the advertising and media industry.

Group M wins Vodafone's £600m media account

- Vodafone has awarded its estimated £600 million global media planning and buying account to Group M's MEC, with the UK account being run through a 'Team Red Media' unit.

Talent gets you to the top; character keeps you there

- Reaching the top is relatively easy: it's staying there that's difficult. This was the message from the England football manager, Roy Hodgson, last week to a group of leaders from the advertising and media world.

Content is easy. What you really need is engagement

- Occasionally, just occasionally, one sits in an industry conference and feels edified, justified. That happened this week during the News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson's chat with Sir Martin Sorrell at Bafta 195 Piccadilly.

Stop worrying and learn to love the creative bomb

- Steve Henry, once a creative powerhouse behind HHCL and now a co-founder of the digital training business Decoded, accuses today's ad industry of becoming "terrified of making mistakes".

Lessons learned from BA's marathon creative review

- The epic British Airways pitch - a seven-month review of the airline's marcoms strategy - is the most significant so far this year. What have we learned from Bartle Bogle Hegarty's victory? The answer depends on who you are.

British Airways awards entire account to BBH

- British Airways has handed its entire advertising and customer loyalty account to Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Sport and great creative should go hand in hand

- It was no coincidence that the turning point for the British economy came with London 2012.

BBH launches sport division with Lawrence Dallaglio

- Bartle Bogle Hegarty has launched a new division, BBH Sport, in a bid to bring the agency's famed creative and brand strategy thinking to the nexus of business and sport.

OgilvyOne loses BA business

- OgilvyOne was told late yesterday (5 March) that it has lost British Airways' loyalty account, after six years running the famous Executive Club scheme.

A riveting case study on saying no to advertising

- Having recently sung the praises of traditional TV, albeit an evolved model, it's important to posit an alternative view of filmic communication in 2014.

Look hard and you will see a true renaissance at ITV

- At first glance, ITV's strong 2013 annual results this week suggest a return to the fine old days of TV advertising. A 30 per cent increase in profits? Is this a case of recession over, let the good times roll again?

The humble word remains a bedrock of our business

- With the EE Baftas last Sunday, we are near the peak of the movie season. The media moguls are all in London - the creators of such visual spectaculars as Gravity and The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Agencies are learning to collaborate brick by brick

- On my mind this week is "collaboration". There are two dictionary definitions: one inauspiciously linked to some French officials during the Nazi invasion; the other - "working together, especially in a joint intellectual effort" - a cause well worth pursuing. The concept has struck home twice in recent days.

Being a truly social brand is apparently no easy task

- I've read a few articles in recent months about the "death" of social marketing. We columnists have a penchant for premature obituaries. I recall football being condemned as a "dying sport" after tragic events in the 80s. Some condemned radio to death with the advent of television.

Labour government would legislate against excessive marketing, says shadow minister

- Helen Goodman MP, The shadow minister for culture, yesterday told the advertising industry that a Labour government "would not be afraid to legislate" against all sorts of excessive marketing practices.

Brands are now at tipping point in debate on ethics

- Humour me for a minute. Suspend your natural scepticism. Believe me when I say a group of senior ad/media folk were moved deeply last week when Bill Gates addressed a well-known London club.

Brand promotion, yes, but don't neglect protection

- "Promote and protect." Richard Edelman - the chief executive of the eponymous, and world's biggest, PR network - summed it up perfectly for me over breakfast this week. It was the day before the World Economic Forum in Davos and the launch of Edelman's Trust Barometer, the biggest survey into levels of public trust.

Big-budget TV ads a thing of the past? Don't bet on it

- If the period 2009-2013 in advertising and media reflected "austerity Britain", how can we begin to define the next five years?

Is content the answer in 2014 - or just cojones?

- We start 2014 with an observable spring in our step. Consumer confidence - the lifeblood of commercial creativity - is on the rise. Meanwhile, the plethora of companies reviewing their brand communications this month highlights a renewed vigour within the marketing world.

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