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Claire Beale


Career history
Media editor, Campaign, then deputy editor. Made editor in 2004.


Favourite ad
Hamlet photo booth


Favourite book
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë


Favourite album
Speak and Spell, Depeche Mode (the first album I really loved)


Favourite TV programme
Dragon’s Den


Most humbling experience
Being responsible for two children


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Telefónica's U-turn poses unanswered questions

- There must be a story behind the story of Telefónica's media agency shift. I doubt it's one that will show our industry in a good light.

Gender always causes a stir, no less so in adland

- There's been an awful lot of heat generated over the past week about a piece written in Adweek, by Grey's newly promoted chairman Nils Leonard, on the subject of the creative of the future.

Shared values help keep collective excellence alive

- There are a few things we need to talk about this week. Thing one: Peter Mead.

Powerful reminders of why greatness is worth a fight

- When the director Ringan Ledwidge stood up at a Now event last week and talked about the need (the absolute requirement, even) to fight (literally, perhaps) for great ideas, he hardly had to convince his creative agency audience.

Forget the Publicis hubris - what matters is the people

- The lines of this week's Publicis Groupe press statement announcing some structural fiddling are too close together to read much between them.

Adland's quest to reclaim content from factory lines

- I've spent an awful lot of time this past week talking to writers in the US. It's been one of the most thoroughly depressing things I've done in a long time.

JWT proves that edgy isn't always the right approach

- It's nearly ten years since J Walter Thompson became JWT and tried to reinvent itself through the pages of an in-house book called Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend.

Can Dare finally recapture the spirit of its success?

- Like quite a lot of people much smarter than me, I completely screwed up over Dare.

Post-POG, the mega-deal spotlight shifts over to IPG

- Well, that's it.

From start-up to corporate beast: the task facing Lund

- I had lunch the other day with a former big-agency CEO who went off and did a start-up a couple of years ago.

Can the creative/media schism ever be fixed?

- I sat through a presentation from a big, bright media agency the other day.

Lessons in brand value from the New York Dolls

- I've heard versions of Dave Trott's tales from New York before, but never as brilliantly nailed to what we actually do: build brands. You'll find his story in this week's feature.

It is time for all the digital messiahs to recalibrate

- I've spent big chunks of the past few weekends reading entries to WPP's internal Atticus Awards, which I'm judging again this year.

You've charmed the juries. Now to seduce the clients

- Apologies for one last Cannes-fest. I'm so over it all, but we must squeeze the last dregs out of the crazy trade-fair whirl and make sure we got our money's worth from the expensive madness.

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