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Facebook's emotion study offers us all a valuable lesson about openness

- I studied Brave New World for O-level. That's how old I am: pre-GCSE. I bet you've come across it somewhere too.

Google is surely putting its energy into making cool stuff, not more advertising

- My Twitter stream is currently full of friends attending Google I/O, where it unveils all the cool stuff people are going to be able to build on. It's the usual mixture of excited squeals at clever new things and cynical mutterings about how Google will bend everything it has invented or bought so that it can show you more advertising. But I never worry about that, because I think Google is trying to get out of advertising.

Ikea's lawyers show that overly protecting a brand can be bad for business

- One of the things I liked about being a planner was seeing inside businesses - and that almost universal realisation that what everyone thought they were good at wasn't the real key to their success. What Nike is really good at is procurement. What Honda is really good at is culture. What Lego is really good at is manufacturing. That kind of thing.

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