My YouTube ad of the week: James Hilton, AKQA

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James Hilton reviews classic fail

James Hilton, chief creative officer, AKQA

Why I like this

"Wins" and "fails" are well up there with my most favourite things ever. But if I had to choose, fails are funnier. Until, that is, it’s your fail.

When I was 17 (very pre-YouTube), I had to go to the hospital to pick up my mate Rob, who had been in a six-month-traction-inducing motorbike accident. I had volunteered to bring him home. Mum let me borrow her Mini 25 and told me "not to damage it". I laughed. I said "yeah, yeah". I left.

My timing was military; Rob was wheeled out, eased into the Mini and, faster than you can say "impending disaster", taken home. Ish. It was January. It was icy. I failed to make the connection between me, Rob, the Cure album Disintegration, 30mph and the man standing beside the road holding a sign saying "ICE". The car in front braked. So did I. The Mini thought otherwise and spun across four lanes.

Rob screamed. I screamed. The man holding the sign saying "ICE" screamed. The occupants of the six cars we pirouetted around screamed. Four 360s. Missing everything. And stopping by the curb, on the opposite carriageway, pointing the right way. I thought "win". Rob thought "fail". But probably after he’d thrown up first.

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Classic Fail


Attract viewers with a compilation of videos showcasing people’s stupidity.


“Fail” video clips of the biggest idiots ever seen on the internet. Idiots falling, things falling on idiots, idiots hitting the ground, idiots hitting other idiots, even idiots falling upwards.



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