Kathryn Jacob

Kathryn Jacob

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Pearl & Dean

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What's the best lesson you've learnt this year?

Don't break or fracture your toe, it's very inconvenient.

What's the most satisfying thing you've done recently and why?

Speakers for Schools. The students at Ricards Lodge were inspirational and amazing fun.

You're asked to do a TED talk. What would you choose to talk about and why?

I would base it on the book that Sue Unerman and I are writing about how you get the career you deserve and strategies for success.

You've got £1 million to invest in something. Who/what gets your money?

Interesting entrepreneurs and innovative charity initiatives. That's if my children haven't snaffled it.

What single thing would improve your life?

More hours in the day.

You've found a time-travel machine. Where do you go?

I go back and find the time to do all the things I'd like to do. Oh, and I buy a shedload of Apple and other tech shares cheaply.

It's 2020. What are you doing?

Probably what Thomas, my assistant, tells me I'm meant to be doing. He's probably already got it planned.

Oops, the world ends tomorrow. What do you do today?

A nice long lunch in the sunshine with family and friends, fireworks in the evening and our favourite bands play a concert.

But if you could be anyone else in adland for a day, who would you be and why?

Camilla Harrisson, as then my daughter could achieve her aim of spending a whole day with her.

What will be your legacy (assuming the world doesn't actually end tomorrow)?

That I've helped some people do great work and have fun at the same time.

This is still a great business because…

You can do great work and have fun.

What makes you, you?

Yorkshire tea and a sense of the ridiculous.

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