Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams

Group commercial sales director


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What's the best lesson you've learnt this year?

Never back England to win the World Cup.

What's the most satisfying thing you've done recently and why?

Got my son to remember his times tables.

You're asked to do a TED talk. What would you choose to talk about and why?

The remarkable ineffectiveness of problematic, sorry programmatic, buying.

You've got £1 million to invest in something. Who/what gets your money?

Definitely bricks and mortar.

What single thing would improve your life?

Safer roads in London for cyclists.

You've found a time-travel machine. Where do you go?

The future, to find out when Liverpool win the Premier League, and then straight back to a William Hill.

It's 2020. What are you doing?

Hopefully watching Liverpool win the Premier League.

Oops, the world ends tomorrow. What do you do today?

Be with my wife and kids.

But if you could be anyone else in adland for a day, who would you be and why?

Steve Bignell because, apparently, he thinks he looks like Jude Law!

What will be your legacy (assuming the world doesn't actually end tomorrow)?

Joseph, Florence and Molly.

This is still a great business because…

Good advertising actually works.

What makes you, you?

My family.

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