Margaret Johnson, OBE

Margaret Johnson, OBE

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Leagas Delaney

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What's the best lesson you've learnt this year?

How quickly life can change.

What's the most satisfying thing you've done recently and why?

Stuck to my new routine of walking 10,000 steps a day. A major achievement for someone who was allergic to exercise and did not own flat shoes.

You're asked to do a TED talk. What would you choose to talk about and why?

Car insurance. I didn't believe that this could be a fascinating topic until I became a non-executive director of Admiral. Now I want to spread the word.

You've got £1 million to invest in something. Who/what gets your money?

The Tiffany Circle of the Red Cross. It is a major new philanthropic initiative for women who want to make a difference to people's lives. I was invited to set it up in the UK and it has been hugely rewarding and fun.

What single thing would improve your life?

Better time-keeping by everyone. I like meetings to start and finish on time.

You've found a time-travel machine. Where do you go?

Back to Mexico, where I grew up. It would be fun to see if my memories match the reality.

It's 2020. What are you doing?

If I can, doing exactly what I am doing now, as I am one of those irritating people who enjoys their work. My only hope is that I will be super-fit thanks to my new passion for exercise.

Oops, the world ends tomorrow. What do you do today?

Have quite a party with family and friends. Nothing too original, but it's what makes me happy and nourishes my soul.

But if you could be anyone else in adland for a day, who would you be and why?

Need to think more about this. The best person would have been Annie Wicks, who was a great role model to me when I started in planning.

What will be your legacy (assuming the world doesn't actually end tomorrow)?

The most fabulous collection of high heels and handbags for my nieces.

This is still a great business because…

Every day, you can use your imagination, energy and application to change things for the better; and our business never stands still.

What makes you, you?

A love of variety, diversity, problem-solving, fun, hard work, new challenges, lipstick, creativity, characterful smart people, difficult issues, travel, friends and family, Pinot Noir and a touch of glamour.

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