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Mark Denton

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Coy! Communications

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What's the best lesson you've learnt this year?

If you continue to do something and it doesn't give you the result you desire, stop doing it.

What's the most satisfying thing you've done recently and why?

A set of screen-printed fighting biscuit posters. Why? Because I like screen-printing and I like biscuits.

You're asked to do a TED talk. What would you choose to talk about and why?

Don't wait to be given permission to be creative.

You've got £1 million to invest in something. Who/what gets your money?

My long-overdue designer crazy golf course (I'm the designer).

What single thing would improve your life?

I'd like thicker eyebrows.

You've found a time-travel machine. Where do you go?

I don't need to go into a time-travel machine – I'm still living in the 70s.

It's 2020. What are you doing?

Breathing (hopefully).

Oops, the world ends tomorrow. What do you do today?

I'd probably go into work.

But if you could be anyone else in adland for a day, who would you be and why?

Why would I want to be anyone else?

What will be your legacy (assuming the world doesn't actually end tomorrow)?

I'd be known as the man with the most lively trousers in the industry.

This is still a great business because…

Of all of those lionhearted, trusting and appreciative clients.

What makes you, you?

Naive enthusiasm and a short memory.

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