Adam Mills

Adam Mills

Sales director

UTV Media

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My Character:
  • Party animal
What have you been proudest of this year?

Maintaining near-par figures with our last year's record revenue… and without a football World Cup.

And what's been your biggest disappointment?

Not getting more Rugby World Cup tickets for entertaining our clients. We are the official audio partners of this year's Rugby World Cup.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

This morning!

If you could change one thing about the industry at the moment, what would it be (and why)?

Less e-mailing, more talking. It's many times more effective and makes working life considerably more fun.

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Getting out more and talking to more customers. But, weirdly, my great ideas do seem to get changed by the time they become an on-air reality!

You're planning a fun night out. Who from the industry would be your (fantasy) playmates (and why)?

Nick Robertson, the founder of ASOS. To chat about the time when I tried to talk him out of leaving TMD. Telling him it would never work and he was mad to leave the agency. Be fun to hear his story and he apparently has a great big yacht as well.

The internet has been banned. What do you miss most (and why)?

LinkedIn. It's everything you need to know about most people you are going to meet and the app is great for that "I have no idea who I have been just talking to/about to talk to" moment.

What's the last Google search you did?

How much did Spitbank Fort cost to renovate – £3.5 million. What an amazing place and day out. Great one-day conference with the Amplifi team in September – thank you, Amplifi team.

The robots are coming. What would you get yours to do for you?

Order one with the exact same shaped feet and get it to break in my new shoes.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A fireman. Although it does feel like I have had my share of fires to put out on this career path.

All the world's culture (art, music, literature etc) is about to be destroyed. What one thing would you save (and why)?

The film libraries of the world – I love a good movie.

I'm still here because…

I am tenacious, polite and I love people – and it's still very much a people's industry.

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