Kathryn Jacob

Kathryn Jacob

Chief executive

Pearl & Dean

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What have you been proudest of this year?

The work we've done, the fun we've had doing it. Doing new things with Marks & Spencer, putting beds in screenings, creating excitement about the work we've got coming through.

And what's been your biggest disappointment?

Losing at arse bingo.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

When I lost at arse bingo. I had been in training with Jackie Stevenson for ages. Malcolm Gladwell and his practice theory – pah!

If you could change one thing about the industry at the moment, what would it be (and why)?

People asking me the plot of the new Stars Wars film. Plus, the reluctance to be brave.

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Actually, not thinking about being creative makes it happen more. The phrase "Let's have a brainstorm" normally induces catatonia.

You're planning a fun night out. Who from the industry would be your (fantasy) playmates (and why)?

They know who they are. The non-disclosure agreement doesn't allow me to name them.

The internet has been banned. What do you miss most (and why)?

The sheer randomness of the algorithm.

What's the last Google search you did?

Cavapoo puppies.

The robots are coming. What would you get yours to do for you?

Sit through brainstorms.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A pathologist.

All the world's culture (art, music, literature etc) is about to be destroyed. What one thing would you save (and why)?

Wouldn't you be fighting against the destruction rather than making a choice?

I'm still here because…

I really, really need to win at arse bingo.

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