Jenny Bullis

Jenny Bullis

Chief executive, EMEA


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  • 020 7758 7262
  • essencedigital
  • 180 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1NN, United Kingdom
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Good year?

An excellent year! I have a new job at an awesome agency with a group of super-talented, digital-first people who are driving the industry forward and making advertising more valuable to the world. I feel very optimistic about the coming year (despite Brexit!).

You become prime minister in a shocking leadership coup. What's the first thing you do?

After finding out whose idea it was to make Boris foreign secretary and cancelling Brexit, I would make the utility companies not-for-profit.

What European import will you never give up?

It's a tough call between halloumi and Nutella.

What secret talent could you win an Olympic gold medal for?

Asking why and how?

What was the last thing you bought?

More data for my phone.

What's the biggest question adland should be asking itself, but isn't?

Are we operationally fit for growth in a data-loaded, programmatic world?

What marketing buzzword could you live without?

I need to concretise my thoughts on that question first, but I will democratise and socialise them as soon as I have.

When will the debate on diversity be "over"?

When there is balance in the force.

You have the power to change our industry for 24 hours. What do you do?

Put all the men in HR and all the women in buying, IT and finance, and see what happens.

Why will you never be replaced by a robot at work?

Can a robot care about the people and the work?

If you could delete an everyday technology from history, what would it be?

Voicemail. Because of all the people who say "Hi, it's me" and I don't who you are, and because of all the people who ask me to call them back and then say their number too quickly for me to write down that I have to listen to the message multiple times… Just delete.

What's your favourite Pokémon?

All of them – for making gaming a physical activity.

Which fictional world would you most like to live in?

Planet Earth in the 23rd century, being part of the United Federation of Planets. The earth is united, money is obsolete, poverty is eradicated and energy is clean. Just need to avoid the odd war with distant galaxies.

Netflix and…

Not Netflix – Google Play.

You visit your ten-year-old self and tell them about your life. What do they think?

That I could do more to help climate change.

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