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Simon Law

Chief strategy officer


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Good year?

Great year. Why dwell on the crap stuff (of course there was some) when you’re working with great people (Neil, Pabs and our mad, brilliant agency team) on a new-business hot streak and you have a family that gives you love, laughter and tears on a daily basis?

You become prime minister in a shocking leadership coup. What's the first thing you do?

Run a referendum for executive power to effect real change… you can’t fix the NHS, Brexit or anything if the red tape has more power than you do. Oh, and ban Trump from ever entering the country.

What European import will you never give up?

Our dog (French dad) – the rest is replaceable, albeit delicious.

What secret talent could you win an Olympic gold medal for?

Laughing in the face of crap. Be a weird Olympic event, though!

What was the last thing you bought?

Large pull-up training pants, with racing cars on the front.

What's the biggest question adland should be asking itself, but isn't?

Are we doing this for the right reasons or just to fill marketing space?

What marketing buzzword could you live without?

All of them. But, for no good reason, “boil the ocean” and “win-win” still make my skin crawl more than most.

When will the debate on diversity be "over"?

Probably about the same time we start the “Should we keep humans overseeing artificial intelligence?” debate.

You have the power to change our industry for 24 hours. What do you do?

Remove all ads, marketing messages and brand content for 24 hours. See if people don’t actually miss it (a little)…

Why will you never be replaced by a robot at work?

I deal with creatives.

If you could delete an everyday technology from history, what would it be?

Email. It’s the root cause of most misunderstanding and not in an "it makes for some drama and all ends well with a bit of a laugh" way like the story arc for most TV.

What's your favourite Pokémon?

Jirachi. But I had to Google him because my son’s too young to have taught me to actually care!

Which fictional world would you most like to live in?

Narnia. You can’t escape your childhood.

Netflix and…

Yamazaki. But never more than three.

You visit your ten-year-old self and tell them about your life. What do they think?

Hang on, douchebag. I’m going to be a fireman. What’s this keynote and pitching rubbish? Well done on the wife, though – she seems slightly out of our league.

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