Matt Adams

Matt Adams

Chief executive, UK and Ireland

Havas Media Group

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  • 07825 657462
  • matt1_adams
  • The HKX Building, 3 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG, United Kingdom
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What's your big ambition for the year ahead?

To win more.

Your mission: make advertising a desirable career for young people. What do you do?

Hire more young people – give an experience that creates more advocates.

Which industry leader has most impressed you with their ability to transform a business?

Not a leader so much as a brand – the BBC. It has many leaders and many great brands. In a digitally disrupted world with new content providers becoming household names, it's impressive to see the BBC's transformation in data and content running through all areas of the organisation.

What's your most annoying professional trait?

The endless pursuit of perfection – it never exists in such a pure form and I should probably stop looking for it.

And what's your most embarrassing personal habit?

Kidding my family I have a voice that can win The X Factor too regularly.

You've invented yourself an AI assistant. What's the first thing you'd ask it to do?

Sleep for me.

Which app would you redownload first after a digital detox?

BBC iPlayer.

What's your side-hustle?

Learning to fly a plane and convincing myself that a career pivot as a commercial pilot isn't too much of a stretch…

What's your fantasy Campaign headline?

Adams wins X Factor.

What's the soundtrack to your life?

Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

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