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Tess Alps



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  • (020) 7630 2320
  • tessalps
  • Manning House, 22 Carlisle Place, London, SW1 1JA, United Kingdom
My Character:
  • Creative
  • Good egg
  • Intellectual
  • Legend
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What's your big ambition for the year ahead?

To win #blanketyblank on Twitter. It would, unfortunately, require David Wilding to have answers that aren't exclusively cheesy 1980s song titles. Not gonna happen.

Your mission: make advertising a desirable career for young people. What do you do?

Prove that advertising can make the world a better place. Walk the talk on equality, diversity and inclusion. Pay new entrants at least 10% more than the living wage and let them go home at night (ideally to watch TV but whatevs).

Which industry leader has most impressed you with their ability to transform a business?

I admire what Sue Todd and Bruce Daisley have started with Culture 2.0 in an attempt to transform all our businesses.

What's your most annoying professional trait?

Irrelevant pedantry, which usually masks a more serious objection.

And what's your most embarrassing personal habit?

Calling everyone "darling" - and not even because I can't remember their names.

You've invented yourself an AI assistant. What's the first thing you'd ask it to do?

"Please go through my emails and undertake the wearisome daily grind of unsubscribing from all these unsolicited approaches." I probably don't need to say "please" to an AI assistant but it's always good to keep up standards and you never know what might happen. Have you seen Ex Machina?

Which app would you redownload first after a digital detox?


What's your side-hustle?

My own coconut shy at the Aldbury May fair.

What's your fantasy Campaign headline?

Industry agrees to ban the word "digital".

What's the soundtrack to your life?

I listen to a Bach cantata/motet and a Beethoven string quartet pretty much every day. Try it.

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