Joy Bhattacharya

Joy Bhattacharya

Managing director UK and Ireland

Accenture Interactive

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Give us one reason why advertising is still brilliant in 2019.

I'm incredibly proud of the work Karmarama and Rothco are doing. Rothco’s "JFK unsilenced" campaign for The Times was a brilliant idea, beautifully executed. Karmarma’s recruitment campaign for the Army is positively impacting sign-ups. It’s an amazing time for advertising to diversify and innovate.

In 2019, I'll be using blockchain to…

Collect more CryptoKitties.

You decide to launch a brand. What is it called and what does it do?

Unblockchain, a digital plumbing company.

When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable and why?

We’re becoming a major disruptive force in the market and everything we do is treading a new path so, honestly, I feel a little bit vulnerable every day – but equally as hopeful, too!

Who is your favourite Instagrammer and why?


You win the lottery. What would you do first?

Get myself a SpaceX ticket.

Name one thing you think is criminally overrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

Celebrity. It’s really no fun at all being papped all the time.

Name one thing you think is criminally underrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

Creativity. People have lost sight of what it means and we’re in danger of getting further away from that if we rely on technology too much and don’t remind ourselves who it’s for: humans.

What is your go-to boxset binge?

Star Trek.

Enough's enough: it's time the next Doctor Who was…

A BAME actor.

If you weren't you, who in the industry would you like to be?

Jeff Bezos.