Nigel Clarkson

Nigel Clarkson

Chief revenue officer

Exterion Media

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  • 07712 887118
  • nigelpclarkson
  • 28 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7BY, United Kingdom
My Character:
  • Charismatic
  • Social animal
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Give us one reason why advertising is still brilliant in 2019.

The development of new digital screens and data sources in out of home is creating some truly amazing advertising opportunities for clients. Exterion alone has invested more than £90m in building new digital assets. OOH has never looked so good.

In 2019, I'll be using blockchain to…

Remind people about how big blockchain was going to be.

You decide to launch a brand. What is it called and what does it do?

It's called Influenza and it's all about viral marketing.

When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable and why?

Starting a new role at Exterion last April. A new role is like starting at a new school – it is exciting, tiring and scary in equal measure. It has been great, the highlight has been helping to drive our new brand-values work through the whole business.

Who is your favourite Instagrammer and why?

I only follow real friends on Instagram and would say I spend more time on Facebook and Twitter.

You win the lottery. What would you do first?

Lottery or EuroMillions? If it's a big one, I'd hold a party, invite close friends and family, and give them each an envelope with a big cheque in it. I think the first purchase would be a house in Wimbledon Village, and a holiday home in the New Forest.

Name one thing you think is criminally overrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

I would say politicians, but I'm not sure they're overrated right now.

Name one thing you think is criminally underrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.


What is your go-to boxset binge?

Netflix arriving on our Sky Q box has been a revelation. I'm normally all about cartoons or wildlife documentaries with my young kids so it's probably Planet Earth/Blue Planet/Deadly 60 right now.

Enough's enough: it's time the next Doctor Who was…

The last one I watched was Tom Baker.

If you weren't you, who in the industry would you like to be?

Richard Eyre is someone who is likeable, intelligent, has great empathy, is good fun and has accomplished a massive amount in and out of work. I think he'd be a pretty good role model for anyone in the industry.

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