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Richard Morris

Chief executive UK and president EMEA


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Give us one reason why advertising is still brilliant in 2019.

When it's culturally relevant, advertising still works brilliantly.

In 2019, I'll be using blockchain to…

Stop our industry from talking about, rather than implementing, emerging technologies.

You decide to launch a brand. What is it called and what does it do?

I'm not giving away intellectual property that cheaply.

When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable and why?

Yesterday. Sharing our ambitions for 2019 with our brilliant talent. The best people have a choice and I'm humbled they choose to work at Initiative.

Who is your favourite Instagrammer and why?

Makeupdaphs. The go-to 'grammer for the latest looks. The FOTD – blinding highlights, warm cut creases, highlighted browbones. It's essential viewing.

You win the lottery. What would you do first?

No need. Makeupdaphs is going to be a unicorn, and I'm an early investor.

Name one thing you think is criminally overrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

Demographics. People are so much more than their age, gender and income. We are complex beings that are defined by our interests and the cultural groups that we identify with from experiences throughout our lives.

Name one thing you think is criminally underrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

Cultural relevance is key for brands to understand their audiences. Too much marketing overlooks this crucial component in connecting with people.

What is your go-to boxset binge?

Friday Night Lights. Nothing like a bit of sport and romance in a parochial context.

Enough's enough: it's time the next Doctor Who was…

Letitia Wright.

If you weren't you, who in the industry would you like to be?

Tony the Tiger. He's grrreat!

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