Tracey Barber

Tracey Barber

Group chief marketing officer, Havas UK and Europe

Havas UK

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  • 07950 181189
  • batracey
  • London, United Kingdom
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  • Good egg
  • Social animal
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Give us one reason why advertising is still brilliant in 2019.

The people. I can't think of another industry that has such an eclectic mix of talented, creative, hard-working, culturally switched-on, slightly mad, sociable, savvy, funny and generous people. It has always been, and remains, our biggest competitive advantage.

In 2019, I'll be using blockchain to…

Apparently it can now be used to track provenance, so I'd like to be able to check where exactly my food comes from. As with any new tech, the best executions will be those that actually have a genuinely useful benefit to consumers. There'll be plenty of bad ones but I look forward to the good.

You decide to launch a brand. What is it called and what does it do?

One that actually makes a (positive) difference to people's lives, that hasn't got a stupid name with a mass of hype, or which is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. No (stupid) names mentioned!

When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable and why?

Honestly, it doesn't happen. I am surrounded by a bunch of brilliant, talented and supportive folk, both above and below me, which makes me one of the lucky ones. Plenty of people aren't, and we need to help them. I strongly feel that no one should feel vulnerable at work.

Who is your favourite Instagrammer and why?

The Fabulous Baker Brothers – a couple of foodies from Gloucestershire who make fantastic food and share the madness that is Stroud.

You win the lottery. What would you do first?

Shout, loudly. Ring my kids. Get shouted at, loudly.

Name one thing you think is criminally overrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

The inflexible (and let's be honest, largely hypothetical anyway) nine to five, Monday to Friday - by the industry AND society. Technological and cultural advances have made flexible working possible for all, preferable for many and absolutely necessary for some. Let them in.

Name one thing you think is criminally underrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

Quite often, an agency's new-business team.

What is your go-to boxset binge?

You will get cooler, quirkier and less obvious answers, but I am sticking with mine regardless: The Crown. Love it.

Enough's enough: it's time the next Doctor Who was…


If you weren't you, who in the industry would you like to be?

Chris Hirst. The man lives a charmed life, supported in no small part by a great chief marketing officer!

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