Verica Djurdjevic

Verica Djurdjevic

Chief executive


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  • London, United Kingdom
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Give us one reason why advertising is still brilliant in 2019.

Because the opportunity to create great work and create connections between brands and consumers is as strong as it has ever been.

In 2019, I'll be using blockchain to…

Become an Estonian citizen.

You decide to launch a brand. What is it called and what does it do?

VD Inc. It's a phonetic transliteration service to help people pronounce "difficult" names.

When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable and why?

When I realised I might have missed the deadline for the A List.

Who is your favourite Instagrammer and why?

OverheardLondon. Makes me laugh on the bus.

You win the lottery. What would you do first?

Make someone else check the numbers again for me.

Name one thing you think is criminally overrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

The ability to comment on news websites. It's like being sucked into a sea of lunacy.

Name one thing you think is criminally underrated by industry, society or culture and explain why.

The importance of small courtesies – smiling, saying thank you and hello. It's what makes everyday life more pleasant for everyone.

What is your go-to boxset binge?

I like to go back to The Shield when the level of choice becomes overwhelming

Enough's enough: it's time the next Doctor Who was…

Accompanied by theme music that doesn't make me want to hide behind the sofa like I did when I was five.

If you weren't you, who in the industry would you like to be?

One of the receptionists at PHD.

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