Andy Atkinson

Andy Atkinson

Chief revenue officer


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Bye-bye the decade with no name. What are you relieved to draw a line under?

My forties – I couldn't do that again.

What’s your biggest hope for the decade ahead?

That we will see an end to negative, divisive politics and that we will get back to thinking about how we can make things better rather than pointing out how bad things are.

And what’s top of your professional to-do list for the 2020s?

To make newsbrands the go-to medium for bright young media professionals who want to make a difference.

You have to job swap with someone in our industry for one month. Who would it be with and why?

Kevin Maguire, political columnist at the Daily Mirror. What a time to be working in the corridors of Westminster. I reckon I could only hack it for a month though.

Who is your best friend in the industry and why?

That would be telling.

What do you think the Friday feeling is?

Local pub, surrounded by friends, pint in hand.

Who or what would you put into room 101 and why?

David Cameron – it's all his fault!

If you could uninvent one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?

Does the Segway count? Basically, what's the point?

In the spirit of embracing failure… What has been your biggest screw-up?

Too many to mention, but probably staying up with Steve Huddleston.

What do you do to stay match fit?

I sharpen up my negotiation skills on a daily basis with two teenage children – there can be no tougher (or more lovable) adversaries.

What would be your darts walk-on music and why?

The chorus to Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag by Pigbag. Classic crowdpleaser and it's the tune they play on the rare occasion Middlesbrough score at the Riverside so would get me psyched.

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