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Chris Mundy

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Bye-bye the decade with no name. What are you relieved to draw a line under?

I'd love to think that Brexit will have been binned, Trump will have resigned and we'll have new political leadership across the main parties but I won't hold my breath.

What’s your biggest hope for the decade ahead?

We rediscover consensus and tolerance. And don't find out that it's too late to reverse some of the damage we've done to the planet.

And what’s top of your professional to-do list for the 2020s?

Learn more about data science.

You have to job swap with someone in our industry for one month. Who would it be with and why?

Matt Brittin at Google. It would be fascinating to get the inside track on what it is developing, as well as how it is working through some of the challenges it faces.

Who is your best friend in the industry and why?

I have a few but Mark White, my boss and chair of Clearcast, is a great voice of reason. Which must be why annual reviews take three-and-a-half hours.

What do you think the Friday feeling is?

For Clearcast it's clearing the industry's ads to air for the weekend.

Who or what would you put into room 101 and why?

Keyboard warriors. Somehow the famous British reserve doesn't extend to Twitter.

If you could uninvent one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?

Teleport. I am always late.

In the spirit of embracing failure… What has been your biggest screw-up?

Years ago I pressed the wrong button on a fax machine and sent a special event rate-card to all my company's competitors.

What do you do to stay match fit?

Walk, cycle, swim, drink vodka.

What would be your darts walk-on music and why?

This is a thing?

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