Marco Bertozzi

Marco Bertozzi

Vice-president EMEA and global multi-market sales


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  • 07540 913781
  • m_bertozzi
  • Adelphi Building, 4 Savoy Place, London, WC2N 6AT, United Kingdom
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Bye-bye the decade with no name. What are you relieved to draw a line under?

I want it all back so I can do it again. I am never relieved to have time pass by.

What’s your biggest hope for the decade ahead?

That my lovely son Alexander continues to mature into a wonderful human being and achieves everything he wants to in life. Personally, I will be 57 so, simply put, I want to stay alive, ideally in productive employment, and I hope to dedicate more of my time to helping others succeed.

And what’s top of your professional to-do list for the 2020s?

Professionally, I want to continue my Spotify career and see where this exciting company takes me. For the industry, I am focused on diversity (beyond gender), social mobility, mentoring and hoping I can contribute to making some changes in our industry from the position of a privileged white male.

You have to job swap with someone in our industry for one month. Who would it be with and why?


Who is your best friend in the industry and why?

Ashley Ferguson, my executive assistant. Someone who is so much better than me at so many things; I can learn from her. Just a favourite person in the industry. She adds so much light to mine and other people's lives and is the smiley side of me in the industry.

What do you think the Friday feeling is?

A naturally – not artificially – created desire to be with your team and enjoy yourselves. It is not dictated by time or space.

Who or what would you put into room 101 and why?

Anyone who has been at the forefront of a practice or type of company, who then leaves to set up on their own and then proceeds to endlessly criticise their former employer, which basically made their career and provided them with the expertise to then undermine it. See auditors from agencies and consultants.

If you could uninvent one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?

Social media.

In the spirit of embracing failure… What has been your biggest screw-up?

Biggest is difficult to define but, at the time, it felt big when I sent the pitch team to Reading for a big pitch and the clients were patiently waiting in Charlotte Street.

What do you do to stay match fit?

Running, cycling, core and sprint training. Exercise helps me physically and mentally, it helps relieve stress. So important to keep it front and centre and not let it drop.

What would be your darts walk-on music and why?

Eye of the Tiger. I just don’t think there has ever been a better warm-up/motivation song.

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