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Bye-bye the decade with no name. What are you relieved to draw a line under?

Game of Thrones, we can all talk about something else now.

What’s your biggest hope for the decade ahead?

We do not continue down the path of technology interrupting face-to-face interaction and that we rediscover the joy and utility of long-form human conversation.

And what’s top of your professional to-do list for the 2020s?

Continue to create innovative deals that stand for something.

You have to job swap with someone in our industry for one month. Who would it be with and why?

Gideon Spanier, so I get a chance to ask all the difficult questions for once.

Who is your best friend in the industry and why?

My first boss – she knows who she is – believed in me from day one and I know I can still turn to her when needed.

What do you think the Friday feeling is?

Knowing that I’m about to spend two uninterrupted days with my family.

Who or what would you put into room 101 and why?

The rowing machine in my gym. There aren’t many other things in this world that can cause so much pain over two minutes.

If you could uninvent one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?

Watches that pair to and act as mobile devices. It’s bad enough that people stare at their phones during meetings, now their wrists are buzzing every 20 seconds.

In the spirit of embracing failure… What has been your biggest screw-up?

Leaving the band I had played in for years (as drummer) just before they won Capital FM’s “Raw 94” and played at Wembley Arena.

What do you do to stay match fit?

I train six to eight times a week, every week, and take part in three to five triathlons a year.

What would be your darts walk-on music and why?

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven by Phil Collins – listen to the horns in the intro!

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