Rob Ward

Rob Ward

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And Rising

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  • 44 Clipstone Street, London, W1W 5DW, United Kingdom
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Bye-bye the decade with no name. What are you relieved to draw a line under?

Turning 40. Got that over and done with.

What’s your biggest hope for the decade ahead?

That the world wakes up to the fact that we need to eat less meat (and Vivera’s sales rocket).

And what’s top of your professional to-do list for the 2020s?

Make the A List every year of the decade.

You have to job swap with someone in our industry for one month. Who would it be with and why?

Martin Jones. And Rising smashes new business in 2020.

Who is your best friend in the industry and why?

Katie Hind – drama-queen planner in my department who told me if I didn’t say her, she would quit. She’s annoyingly quite good so I can’t afford for that to happen.

What do you think the Friday feeling is?

When my kids sleep through the night.

Who or what would you put into room 101 and why?

The word "chuffed" so it couldn’t be used on LinkedIn.

If you could uninvent one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?

The front camera on iPhones – I am embarrassingly bad at taking selfies.

In the spirit of embracing failure… What has been your biggest screw-up?

That time I worked on Woolworths and a loved British brand disappeared forever.

What do you do to stay match fit?

Employ younger, more brilliant people and steal their ideas.

What would be your darts walk-on music and why?

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N' Roses. I wield the arrows like Slash wields his axe.

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