11 of the best Robots

Your plastic pal who's fun to be with - but which one's the most fun?

11 of the best Robots

ASIMO (2002)

Honda's humanoid can walk and run but not much more.

Furby (1998)

Incredibly irritating little critter. However, it must be credited with turning robots into mainstream pets. Recently updated for the modern era.

AIBO (1999)

Upmarket Furby.

Unimate (1961)

Doesn't carry the same glamour as some of the names on here, but Unimate was the first robotic employee of General Motors in 1961.

Hal (1968)

Classic wrong 'un.

R2-D2 (1977)

Classic good egg.

Bruce the shark (1975)

Terrifying while on the hunt, terrifyingly unrealistic once revealed. Achieved legendary status regardless.

PackBot (1998)

This beast has been doing the dirty work for over 15 years without complaint. It was first into Fukushima, went into the World Trade Centre wreckage and has served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bender (1999)

Antihero of Futurama. if Packbot could talk, he would sound like Bender.

WALL-E (2008)

A sweet, gentle little robot that's also a hopeless romantic. And fan of Hello Dolly.

The Mechanical Turk (1770)

A sobering reminder not to believe everything we see. This elaborate contraption appeared to be able to take on all comers at chess. He was in fact controlled by a human chess master hidden within the mechanism.

Main photo by Rog01, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license